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We all need a little ray of sunshine these days, especially those who have been on the frontlines these many months keeping grocery stores open, encouraging employees and supporting local communities through ups and downs. FMI’s Store Manager Awards program is just that—a ray of sunshine as we celebrate store managers across the world for their dedication, creativity and excellence.

Our awards program this year started out with a monumental 138 nominations submitted. We celebrated all our nominees and made our selection of 10 finalists across our four categories. Profiles of our finalists on our website showcase their accomplishments and tell the stories of why these 10 store managers rose to the top of the pile.

Next, we asked the general public to weigh in and take part in our People’s Pick content where the winner was chosen by majority vote. We had more then 7,100 votes casted in this year’s content.

With our finalists on the edge of their seats, FMI hosted a live award ceremony on YouTube. I have to say, if you’re looking for something to watch that is guaranteed to make you smile, take time to view the recording. During the ceremony we touched base with the finalists—all waiting from their hometowns with friends, colleagues and family cheering them on. Each winner received a special congratulations from a member of their company and the joy on their faces said it all.

Towards the end of the ceremony, our program sponsor gave a special annoucment. Brian Sappington, president of the North America retail portfolio for the Coca-Cola Company shared these words:

“Henry Ford once said that “Every success is the mother of countless others.” It is your many successes as a store manager that have led you here today as a celebrated participant in the FMI Store Manager Awards. I am confident that this career milestone will birth other successes for you, your teams, your companies, and our industry. Your good work has set a noble example for others around you, and it inspires us at the Coca-Cola Company.”

And so, we raise a glass to our store managers and applause all their success so far and success to come. Cheers!

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