Government Relations Staff

Our government relations department provides a voice for the food retail industry before Congress and the regulatory agencies and amplifies your voice in state capitals across the country.
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We serve the industry and assist your company with public policy concerns that could impact the way you do business. Click on the name of a member of our government relations team to learn more about their issue portfolios, responsibilities and past accomplishments.

Jennifer Hatcher

Chief Public Policy Officer and Senior Vice President Government Relations & Member Services

Federal Government Relations: Legislative and Regulatory

Stephanie Harris

General Counsel & Chief Regulatory Officer

Andrew Harig

Vice President, Tax, Trade, Sustainability & Policy Development

Christine Pollack

Vice President, Government Relations

Steven Harris

Director, Policy Development & Regulatory Compliance

Dana Graber

Senior Counsel, Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Peter Matz

Director, Food & Health Policy

Madalyn Farrar

Manager, Government Relations

Erin McCarthy

Assistant, Government Relations

State Government Relations

Elizabeth Tansing

Vice President, State Government Relations

Michael Green

Director, State and Local Government Affairs