FMI celebrates its 2022 Executive Leadership Award Winners.
Learn more about our award recipients and the outstanding contributions
they made to advance and strengthen the food industry.

Sidney R. Rabb Award For Statesmanship

Industry Steward | Consumer Affairs | Diplomacy 


Rabb Award

Norman Mayne

Norman Mayne

Dorothy Lane Markets, Inc.

Norman Mayne is a born and bred food industry champion. Much like Sidney R. Rabb who began his career after World War I at his uncle's small grocery company, the Economy Grocery Stores Company, Mayne grew up working alongside his father, Calvin Mayne, who started the family business as a fruit stand in 1948. With an unflinching focus on keeping consumers happy and healthy, Mayne would go on to grow Dorothy Lane Market into the beloved food retail brand it is today. Dorothy Lane Market’s success as a three-store independent operator with 1,000 valued employees is a testament to Mayne’s fiery, innovative spirit and ironclad commitment to customer satisfaction. As CEO, he led the charge to create Club DLM in 1995, the highly coveted, hyper-targeted store loyalty program that has customers consistently coming back for more. At the time, only a handful of retailers around the globe were doing this. His revolutionary strategy of establishing tiers of shopper loyalty and rewarding customers pursuant to their respective tier has drawn hearty praise from food retailers and marketers across the country.  Mayne has served on the FMI board since 1995, offering his counsel for the last several most impressionable decades, and in 2013 he was recognized with the FMI Robert B. Wegman Award.

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William H. Albers Industry Relations Award 

Industry Collaboration | Community Service | Cooperation


Albers Award

Steve Cahillane

Steve Cahillane

Chairman and CEO
Kellogg Company

Nicknamed “Mr. Supermarket” for his largescale success as president of the Kroger Chain and Albers Super Markets, Inc., William H. Albers represented the best of what food retail had to offer. His intrinsic knowledge of industry best practices led to revolutionary conveniences we too often overlook today – grocery carts for customers, transparent pricing on foodstuffs, wide, fully self-service grocery aisles, etc. Much like Albers, Steve Cahillane is an industry juggernaut with wide-ranging expertise in food retail management. Since joining Kellogg Company in 2017, Cahillane has been instrumental in aligning the company’s impressive growth with its vision of a good and just world, where people are not just fed but fulfilled. As a global food leader, Cahillane actively fosters constructive communication and collaboration between food and beverage companies by serving in leadership roles across industry trade groups with both domestic and international priorities. He is an ardent supporter of sustainable brands; Cahillane and his snacks, frozen and cereal company have made significant social and environmental commitments as part of the company’s Better Days ESG strategy to strive for sustainable and equitable access to food for all.

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Robert B. Wegman Award For Entrepreneurial Excellence

Innovation | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Imagination 


Wegman Award

Mike Stone Portrait

 Mike Stone

President and CEO 
Mollie Stone's Markets

Mollie Stone’s Markets’ slogan, “Family owned, locally devoted,” is a perfect summation of CEO Mike Stone’s customer-conscious ethos. It also mirrors the guiding creed of supermarket savant, Robert B. Wegman. Striving to make a difference in people’s lives through food, Stone implemented a community-first approach to his San Francisco-based company. By partnering with local farms, Mollie Stone’s actively uplifts its local economy, while guaranteeing fresh, healthy and affordable products to its customers. Stone has successfully offered the best of both worlds in food retail by not only providing the freshest produce but also conventional groceries and full-service departments to meet the needs of all who shop at Mollie Stone’s. However, his generosity extends beyond the physical limits of his stores. At a time of great anxiety and societal turbulence, Stone and Mollie Stone’s Market donated needed resources to hospitals, food banks, schools, first-responders and various non-profits, such as financial support, PPE, food, volunteers and customer match programs. This act of kindness was supplemented by Stone’s and his wife, Sharon’s, partnership with local healthcare provider, MarinHealth. By way of their love for community, the Stones covered the cost for the hospital to acquire pressurized tents for testing and pre-entry assessments. Such extensive and thoughtful corporate-social leadership demonstrates Stone’s mastery of the kind of warmhearted, ethical entrepreneurship that Robert B. Wegman represents.

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Herbert Hoover Award For Humanitarian Service

Humanitarian | Service | Leadership


Hoover Award

Neal Berube

Neal Berube

President and CEO, retired
Associated Food Stores, Inc.

The “Great Humanitarian” Herbert Hoover demonstrated the immense power the food industry wields in uplifting those in need. During WWI, Hoover’s Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) fed over 10,000 civilians in an active war zone for five years. This spirit of magnanimity and public service is highly reflective of Neal Berube’s lengthy and accomplished career. As CEO of Associated Food Stores (AFS), Berube worked diligently to ensure the needs of shoppers and associates were not only met but exceeded. His people-first approach to executive management is what helped AFS reach historic levels of profitability. Berube continued to work in pursuit of the common good outside of his day job, serving on the following boards: Wells Fargo Northern Utah Community Board, Bangerter Advisory Commission to optimize Utah State Government, Weber Economic Development, Intermountain Organ Donor Recovery Services and the Dialysis Research Foundation. Berube also serves as the mayor of North Ogden City, Utah, where he actively pursues positive, community-based solutions to local problems and strongly encourages informed civic engagement from all of his constituents.

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Esther Peterson Award For Consumer Service

Vision | Integrity | Caring Sensitivity 



Jonathan Mayes

Jonathan Mayes

Senior Vice President and External Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, retired
Albertsons Companies 

Following in the footsteps of civil and workers’ rights advocate Esther Peterson, Jonathan Mayes has dedicated himself to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all of Albertson’s nearly 2,300 stores. A frequent speaker at conferences, corporate gatherings, and universities across the U.S. on the topic of diversity, Mayes serves as a trusted resource for maximizing employee potential and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment. Most notably, Mayes entrenched Albertson’s position as an industry-leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, strengthened efforts to develop relationships with diverse suppliers of goods and services and strategically leveraged Albertson’s philanthropic assets to invest nearly $200 million annually on programs that positively impact communities Albertson’s serves. Mayes continues to advise FMI as part of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and its Supplier Diversity Committee.

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Glen P. Woodard, Jr., Award For Public Affairs

Advocacy | Local Leadership | Governance 


Woodard Award


Todd Schnuck

Chairman and CEO 
Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Glen P. Woodard, Jr. set the standard for issue advocacy on behalf of the food industry, and Todd Schnuck successfully met that standard time and time again. As CEO of the company, Schnuck has devoted himself and the business to nourishing people’s lives, not just by helping them feed their families but also by making a measurable impact in their communities. For example, at a time when restaurants were shuttering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Schnuck gave out $200,000 worth of gift cards to Schnuck’s employees to use at local restaurants. This unexpected stimulus allowed local restaurants to cover losses and expenses that resulted from the sudden outflux of business. During Black History Month, Schnuck took a stand for equity and diversity by donating to the Urban League through the grocery chain’s Round Up at the Register program. Donations made in the St. Louis area supported the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis (ULSTL) — specifically, the nonprofit’s Save our Sons program. As chief executive, Schnuck has raised the bar for community uplift and added new meaning to the phrase “friendly neighborhood grocery store.” His decisive and selfless action to help those in need represents the most benevolent ideals of the food industry. Schnuck plays an active role in his association, serving on the FMI Board, multiple board-level committees and as past chairman of the FMI Public Affairs Committee.

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