The grocery industry, like all merchants, have shouldered rising costs of accepting card payments for decades. But with more Americans preferring to use cards, and as COVID-19 influenced shoppers to transact in new ways, the impact of these costs is growing. FMI is committed to solving the issues that plague the U.S. card payments system. 

Credit Card Competition

Infographic: Credit Card Competition

Every time shoppers use a credit card, retailers are charged a hidden fee. This one-page infographic helps explain these costs and how Congress can make changes to foster competition in the credit card marketplace.

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Coin Circulation Issue: Making Change in Your Community 

Since the pandemic began, we have witnessed a growing concern regarding a national “coin shortage.” However, what we are really experiencing is a coin circulation problem, not a coin “shortage.” Much of the $48.5 billion in coin already in circulation is sitting dormant inside America’s 128 million households, collecting in change jars and car cup holders.

The nation’s grocers have not been immune to the challenges posed by the scarcity of coins. It is creating many hurdles for shoppers who use cash to purchase the products their families need and retail stores that need to make change at the register.

For millions of Americans, cash is the only form of payment. These neighbors are the ones being most impacted by the current coin circulation disruptions.

Help Us Mitigate the Coin Circulation Challenge

We’re asking consumers to help make change in their communities.

If you have a jar on your shelf collecting coins and dust, leave the dust at home and go spend, deposit or redeem your coins. Returning coins into circulation can make a meaningful difference in easing the flow of coins who depend on them the most.

We have created a PSA and animated infographic, below, for you to use on your social media channels and/or website. We also encourage social media posts to use the hashtag #GetCoinMoving.

Payments Leadership


The FMI Electronic Payments System Committee is comprised of retail/wholesale company payments leaders and provides leadership, insight and expertise on an ongoing basis.

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