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Best Practices for Processing Chargebacks

The merchant community is in the process of migrating to chip card-compliant point-of-sale terminals since the card networks announced the October 2015 liability shift. While a good portion of food retailers have the EMV-enabled hardware in their stores, many face delays in getting their terminal software certified due to bandwidth issues of third party vendors tasked with certifying these terminals. As grocers await certification, they have seen unprecedented increases in chargebacks during the months since the liability shift. We expect to see the number of EMV-compliant stores to continue to increase as the certification queue decreases, which will hopefully help mitigate the rise in chargebacks seen at the retail level.

FMI has compiled best practices for addressing these chargebacks in addition to providing materials from the card networks.
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The FMI Electronic Payments System Committee is comprised of retail/wholesale company payments leaders and provides leadership, insight and expertise on an ongoing basis.

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