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  • A Look at the 2020 Congressional Election Results

    Nov 18, 2020
    Female congressional candidates crushed records. There will be at least 142 women serving in the House and at least seven women serving in the Senate. The previous House record was 102 women (set in 2019) comprised of 89 Democrats and 13 ...
  • Why the Food Industry Cares About Climate Change

    Nov 17, 2020
    Addressing food and environmental concerns across the supply chain isn’t simple work. It will quite literally take farm to fork working together to make change. For this reason, FMI was pleased to join the Food and Agriculture Alliance (FACA)....
  • The SNAP Online News That Few of Us Saw

    Nov 10, 2020
    A great deal of time and energy went into authorizing additional retailers to accept SNAP online, and while this work wasn’t front page news, it has been steadily progressing. In addition to announcing the independent retailer in North Carolina ...
  • Elevating the Role of the Supermarket Pharmacist During COVID-19

    Oct 21, 2020
    Throughout the pandemic, FMI has worked closely with federal agencies and Congress to both elevate the critical role of supermarket pharmacists and advocate for our industry’s other essential workers, who together touch the lives of more than 100 ...
  • Four Common Misconceptions About Food Prices

    Oct 16, 2020
    A number of misconceptions regarding grocery prices regularly permeate both the news and our water cooler conversations. These are due to a combination of outdated ideas that should have been put to rest long ago and high profile “examples” that are ...
  • A Tale of Two Years: A Look at The Food Retail Industry in 2019 and Early 2020

    Oct 14, 2020
    The most recent The Food Retailing Industry Speaks report identifies a striking similarity between ”A Tale of Two Cities” and a tale of two years, 2019 and 2020, for the food industry. Both relay the story of how stark change and challenging times ...
  • Considering the Importance of the WTO and Its Leadership

    Oct 8, 2020
    One of the things the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us is that our supply chains are no longer regional or even national, but international. In the U.S., we depend on trade to help increase efficiency, keep product flowing year-round and lower ...
  • Voter Resource Tools to Help You Navigate the 2020 Election

    Oct 1, 2020
    We have launched a voting resources page making sure everyone has the necessary information on how to vote. In response to COVID-19, many states have issued vote-by-mail options and altered in-person voting ...
  • A Fly on The Wall: A Look at The Food Industry’s Performance

    Sep 30, 2020
    FMI is about to release our 71st annual The Food Retailing Industry Speaks report, which tracks operations and strategic initiatives of the food retail industry. This year’s Speaks report reviews performance for 2019, but it also incorporates ...
  • How Feeding Assistance Programs Continue to be Resilient in Challenging Times

    Sep 25, 2020
    FMI has actively pursued the extension of P-EBT as it has proven to effectively reach children who would typically receive free or reduced school lunches, but are missing these meals due to their schools being closed or operating with reduced hours ...
  • Getting Coin Moving Cannot Be an Old Adage

    Sep 21, 2020
    As a member of the U.S. Coin Task Force, we supported the development of a new resource that retailers, banks and consumers can use to help #getcoinmoving. Much of the retailer toolkit includes ideas and best practices used by FMI retail members....
  • 2020: The Year of the Female Candidate

    Sep 16, 2020
    There are a record number of female candidates across the aisle in both the House and Senate who are gearing up for election....
  • It’s Simple: Let’s Get Coin Moving Together

    Aug 21, 2020
    FMI has launched a coin circulation resource page to help drive awareness. Leslie Sarasin, FMI president and chief executive officer, recorded a PSA to highlight how the coin circulation disruption is impacting millions of Americans and we ...
  • When Every Penny Counts, We Need to #GetCoinMoving

    Jul 30, 2020
    FMI joined the Federal Reserve’s Coin Task Force to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify why we have a coin problem and how we can fix it. We are experiencing a coin circulation problem, not a coin “shortage.” There are billions ...
  • Essential Jobs: Building Resilience through Private-Public Partnerships

    Jul 30, 2020
    Our industry has risen to the occasion and managed the challenges that have emerged during this national emergency. The grocery industry and the food supply chain that supports it have worked tirelessly to keep food available to American customers ...