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Independent supermarkets must be innovative and distinguished in the marketplace. We have the contacts, resources and education programs you need to grow your business.  

The FMI Independent Operator Committee met during FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference in January 2020. The following presentation is available for FMI members:

Self Disruption -- A path to future competitiveness and profitability

The retail competitive landscape continues to evolve at an increasing pace with no slowdown projected through 2025. During this year’s Independent Operators session, we will address the ongoing scale of retail disruption coupled with the key enablers which drive real and profitable growth going forward. 
Independent Operator Community Newsletter

Every month, FMI produces a members-only newsletter exclusively for the Independent Operator Community. If you are not currently receiving the newsletter and are interested in receiving it, please email Alexandra Greer.

Store Operations Webinar Series

FMI has partnered with grocery industry specialist Harold Lloyd to present an educational webinar series focused on many facets of store operations. The content of these webinars helps stores and teams operate at their greatest. These interactive virtual meetings help equip store directors, store managers, and others with invaluable insights and tools to make their roles easier and more effective

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Share Groups

FMI hosts multiple events to link non-competitors in share groups across the country. These groups allow food retail professionals in similar subject areas to convene in specialized forums and engage in issue-specific dialogue.

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