Fresh Foods

FMI is committed to the growth and success of fresh food companies and their partners. FMI provides resources and networks that support the interests of member companies throughout the global, fresh produce supply chain, including family-owned, private and publicly traded businesses as well as regional, national and international companies. The following resources are available for food retailers on fresh foods.


For questions or more information, please contact FMI's Vice President of Fresh Foods, Rick Stein

FMI Fresh Food Resources

  • Power of Produce 2016

    The Power of Produce identifies the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of fruit and vegetables from planning the purchase, channel choice and preparation all the way through recommendations to improve shopping the produce department.
  • Power of Meat 2016

    The Power of Meat provides an annual update of shopper habits regarding meat and poultry pre-trip, in-store and at home. This highly valued shopper research, unveiled at the Annual Meat Conference each year, provides unique perspective on how consumer preferences and buying patterns have shifted in the past decade, while addressing hot new trends affecting the meat department.

  • The Sophistication of Supermarket Fresh Prepared Foods

    The landscape of supermarket fresh prepared foods (FPF) has changed dramatically in recent years and this has had a significant impact on consumers, food retailers, and traditional foodservice operators alike. Many of these changes are directly attributable to the growing sophistication of the people, processes, and preparation methods employed by leading supermarkets. FMI and Technomic conducted this research study to evaluate supermarket prepared foods' practices and metrics. This white paper describes key learnings which support the idea of accelerating sophistication.

Top Trends in Fresh Webinar Series

Top Trends in FreshIRI, FMI and FMI Fresh Executive Committee are joining forces to unveil the top five trends that will impact the fresh food industry in 2016 and beyond.

The full series is available for on-demand viewing.

Supermarket Fresh Prepared Foods Webinar Series

The Sophistication of Supermarket Fresh Prepared Foods

FMI and Technomic conducted a research study to evaluate supermarket prepared foods' practices and metrics. Now we're presenting the top findings in our webinar series. 

  • Private Brand Strategies 2015

    In 2014, FMI Private Brands Council conducted an extensive research study to identify the distinctions between Grocery Retailers experiencing Store Brands growth versus those with Store Brand sales that are flat or are in decline. While the study was thorough and extremely informative, it did not include the voice of the private brand manufacturer. So the FMI Private Brands Council decided to conduct a research study in 2015 to gain an understanding of the private brand manufacturers' perspective in regards to Store Brands best practices. - View More
  • 2016 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends

    The Food Marketing Institute has long supported U.S. food retailers through annual surveys of shopper behaviors and attitudes, providing consistent metrics to evaluate the changing market landscape. This year, FMI worked with the Hartman Group to supplement our U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends research perspective with a cultural lens, interviewing Americans in their homes and while shopping, and drawing upon ethnographic research into U.S. food consumption and consumers.


  • 2015 U.S. Grocery Industry Speaks

    In its 65th year, FMI’s The Food Retailing Industry Speaks ("Speaks") provides the industry with important operational and financial benchmarks ranging from sales and profits to shrink, turns and differentiation tactics. The data is drawn primarily from FMI’s annual survey of U.S. food retailers and wholesalers, and was supplemented with information from public company Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 10K filings.
  • Where's the beef? Retailers can capitalize on new trends

    SteakFood retailers face a conundrum: Consumers increasingly want to express themselves and experiment with food, but these consumers also report time constraints. A recent webinar hosted by FMI,The Beef Checkoff andTechnomic revealed research that customization is a critical trend in connecting with consumers.
  • Telling a Local, Fresh Story

    20151208-FMI-085-WEBv2Local is big business for food retailers, especially as it relates to the produce aisle.  According to the Power of Produce report, more than three-quarters of shoppers cite their support for the local economy and farmers as a reason for buying locally-sourced produce — edging out “freshness” as the number one factor.
  • What is the Power of Produce for Grocery Stores?

    Power of Produce HeaderWe recently launched the second annual Power of Produce research at FMI Connect. This year’s report was prepared by 210 Analytics and made possible by Yerecic Label. The report looks at shopper habits regarding fruits and vegetables pre-trip, in-store and at home, as well as hundreds of shopper suggestions on how to improve the produce department. For food retailers looking to use the produce department to set themselves apart, this reports give insights into the shopper’s produce purchasing process and the real power produce can bring to your store’s business.


FMI's Fresh Executive Council includes senior fresh executives from member companies who are working together to identify key issues and develop the forums, tools and resources needed for fresh operations throughout the industry.  We have strong partnerships and collaboration with our sister fresh associations who have excellent resources for the industry as well.

Contact Rick Stein for more information about the Fresh Executive Council.