Retailers, wholesalers and product suppliers have the unique opportunity to showcase and educate shoppers on responsible ways to leverage food for improved overall health and well-being.  The following resources support initiatives to connect food to health.

Food for Health Resources

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025

The Dietary Guidelines provides advice on what to eat and drink to meet nutrient needs, promote health, and help prevent chronic disease. This edition of the Dietary Guidelines is the first to provide guidance for healthy dietary patterns by life stage, from birth through older adulthood, including women who are pregnant or lactating. People who work in Federal agencies, public health, healthcare, education, and business all rely on the Dietary Guidelines when providing information on diet and health to the general public.

Start Simple with MyPlate

The benefits of healthy eating add up over time, bite by bite. Small changes matter. Learn more about the MyPlate Food Groups and personalized resources to include the Start Simple with MyPlate app at


SmartLabel® provides easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about thousands of food, beverage, personal care, household and pet care products. Consumers can find product information in many ways – smartphone, computer, telephone.

Facts Up Front 

Facts Up Front was developed for the industry as a voluntary initiative as a simple and easy-to-use labeling system that displays key nutrition information to consumers on the front of food and beverage packages.


The FoodKeeper contains food safety and storage advice to help your shoppers maintain freshness and quality of foods. Shoppers can utilize the FoodKeeper mobile app and shoppers can search the FoodKeeper database online. 

Nutrifacts Posters

FMI created nutritional information on the major cuts of single-ingredient, raw meat and poultry. These Nutri-Facts posters and brochures are available through the our Store in the following formats:

  • Nutri-Facts Poster (available in print and PDF)
  • Nutri-Facts Poster Beef & Veal only, Chicken & Turkey only or Lamb & Pork only (print)
  • Nutri-Facts brochures (print)