The FMI Seafood Strategy Committee's mission is to develop a collaborative, voluntary, industry-wide approach to encouraging a sustainable seafood supply for the future through education and best practices. Here are some resources to assist you.

Policy Statements 

Our current Board approved policy statement on this topic:

FMI Seafood Resources 

Best Practices on How to Mitigate The Risk of Seafood Fraud

This publication is designed to help the food retail, wholesale, and distributor industry mitigate the risk of seafood fraud through developing detailed product specifications and implementing robust product verification practices.

Seafood Calendar

This seafood calendar contacts themes for marketing and communications to help promote consumption and knowledge of seafood to grocery shoppers.

Sustainable Seafood Toolkit

This 2012 toolkit, developed courtesy of Bumblebee Foods, provides ideas, best practice examples from 14 companies, guidelines and outside resources for developing your own sustainable seafood procurement program.

Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIP) Whitepaper

This 2014 publication is designed to share insights on how retailers and seafood suppliers can engage in meaningful activities with other stakeholders in the seafood supply chain.