The FMI Seafood Strategy Committee's mission is to develop a collaborative, voluntary, industry-wide approach to encouraging a sustainable seafood supply for the future through education and best practices. Here are some resources to assist you.


Seafood Product Specification Templates

Below you will find several Product Specification Templates. Product specifications are one of the most important documents used in purchasing. They will contain a detailed description of the product, all the requirements related to production, the functional aspects of the product, packaging requirements, etc. These forms are designed to present the broad range of specifications commonly asked for, without favoring any one individual or set of specification over another. There are often multiple meanings for certain terms that can create confusion between suppliers and customers if they are not specifically clarified and these specification templates help create a common vocabulary for a more straightforward process.

We will continue to expand the number of templates available over time, but unless the product is a vendor brand, we feel very strongly that a specification should be in place for your item mix.

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For questions or more information, please contact FMI's Vice President of Fresh Foods, Rick Stein.

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Policy Statements 

Our current Board approved policy statement on this topic:

Seafood Calendar 2022

Seafood Calendar

For seafood merchandisers, monthly celebrations are a way to capture shopper's attention to the seafood department. For example, February is heart health month and a great time showcase how seafood has been proven to decrease heart disease. FMI teamed up with the Seafood Nutrition Partnership to develop a seafood calendar to help the develop of creative promotions tied to monthly and seasonal celebrations. Download the general calendar and visit Seafood Nutrition Partnership for additional seafood calendar resources.

General Seafood Calendar       Detailed Seafood Calendar