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We tailor our food safety programs, training and guidance specifically to the food retail industry, offering a one-stop shop for food safety. 

The supermarket industry employs

4.8 Million people 

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Food Safety Training & Certification Programs
SafeMark® is the comprehensive food safety training program for the retail food industry. In the business of food safety, the best protection is prevention, and it begins with the right training program.
The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program is recognized by retailers and foodservice providers around the world. It is the only certification system recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) offering certificates for primary production to food manufacturing.

Policy Statements 

Our current Board approved policy statement on this topic:

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For questions or more information, please contact FMI's Chief Food & Product Safety Officer & Sr. Vice President, Food Safety Programs, Hilary Thesmar.

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Food Safety Webinar Recordings

Speaks 2019

The Food Retail Industry Speaks, What Are They Saying?

The food retail industry is reporting numerous positive trends as it grapples with old issues and confronts new challenges. This webinar provides an insider’s glimpse into the State of the Food Retail Industry.

Trends 62618 webinar

Inside the Grocery Shopper's Head: Where They've Been, and Where They are Going

This webinar specifically explores how consumers perceive their relationship with their primary grocery store in the current climate of retail change and innovation.

Food Safety Leadership


FMI's Food Protection Committee identifies and prioritizes food safety issues of public health significance and enhances the industry's understanding of these issues. The Committee also recommends food safety policies, programs and implementation plans for Board approval.

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The FMI Board Food Safe Committee undertakes a strategic, board-based view of FMI members' needs on foods safety.