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New FMI Member Benefit

Customized explorations, conversations, and exchanges supporting retailers’ technology innovation discovery for today, tomorrow, and a future arriving sooner than expected.

Book a private event that brings innovative solutions together with a retailer’s business and technology leaders.


SOLUTION PROVIDERS: You’ll learn all about retailer’s interests, operations and capabilities in a personalized setting, allowing you to address the retailer’s specific opportunities and needs. This private, curated technology event allows you to customize conversations to discover, learn, and match your strategies to relevant food industry companies. You’ll:

  • Understand food retail transformation and disruption.
  • Discuss the implications of new technologies.
  • Share ideas, knowledge and solutions across the enterprise.
  • Focus on near-term needs, mid-term interests, and long-term discovery.

RETAILERS: MarkeTechnics, exclusive to FMI members, brings potential business partners to your campus. Avoid the confusion of uncoordinated innovation and drive change further and faster. This approach aligns top-down vision with bottom-up tactics. Move your innovation culture forward and gain:

  • Tech insights that align with an organization’s goals.
  • An efficient business partner discovery.
  • Clarity and buy-in to your strategic and technology roadmap.
  • Faster team decision-making.

The FMI and CART team have been trusted partners with a strong selection of retail innovators:

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Reach Your Teams Innovation Potential: Private Program Components for Retailers

Executive Confab Workshop

  • Three hour confab for executive and senior management teams.
  • Teams identify upcoming transformations and disruptions.
  • Discuss how your food retail organization can be prepared for fast-approaching  disruption.
  • Plan around developing a culture of innovation.

Personalized Tradeshow

  • FMI will curate up to 15 solution providers based on your workshop direction.
  • Structured as a half-day ‘show’ where associates learn about new technology capabilities.
  • Our team will gather feedback to share with your executive team.



  • The session is intended for executive teams, senior management/management teams and/or key executives.
  • Our team will choose select solution providers to showcase short presentations, followed by Q&A.
  • Briefing is structured for near-term priorities, mid-term interests, long-term technology discovery and a wrap-up discussion.

Marketechnics Event Hall

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Your MarkeTechics Team


FMI and the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART) have come together to help members succeed by supporting technology innovation discovery addressing specific business interests, opportunities, and needs to meet and compete in the fast-paced and quickly changing grocery value chain.


Costs:  Our team will listen to your needs and provide a cost estimate for the consultations, event and production. Please fill out the below form to get started. 

The MarkeTechnics Process

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Timeframe to Launch: From the time your team commits to a curated MarkeTechnics event, we will match your passion with business partner discovery and deliver the best possible experience for you.

Estimated planning--During the first three months we will:

  • Confirm the specific areas of interest with greater clarity and use the framework to conduct a search and discovery process using the CART database, industry network and FMI knowledge. 
  • Produce for you an initial set of technology and solution providers for review.
  • Propose programming, format and coordinate event details, date and location.

Month four, we will:

  • Produce the customized event – virtual or in-person, to include liaison with all external participants, produce program guide and details for each solution provider, record presentations and distribute solution provider materials to the retail team.

Ongoing, we encourage retailers to keep innovation going and commit to MarkeTechnics' annual activities.