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The Modern Grocery Experience

Shoppers today are looking for value beyond price to include quality, convenience, relevance and experience. In its 75th year, The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2024 shows how the food industry is evolving and implementing innovative solutions driving the modern grocery experience.

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Did You Know The Food Industry Operates On Narrow Profit Margins?

Food retailers and suppliers historically operate on narrow profit margins. At the same time, industry competition keeps retailers and suppliers constantly innovating to meet grocery shoppers' definition of value and differentiate themselves from their competitors. They are also reinvesting in their businesses to recruit and retain talent, adopting new technologies to provide better shopping experiences, and prioritizing initiatives that meet consumer demands for greater transparency and corporate social responsibility.

Food Industry Innovation

The spirit of innovation is driving the food industry and creating value for grocery shoppers. These case studies show how the food industry is transforming.

Sustainability Plant


Retailers and suppliers are increasingly embracing sustainability initiatives across various sectors, driven by the growing consumer emphasis on this important topic.

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More than 80% of retailers are experimenting with in-store technologies to enhance customer experiences.

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Food industry companies are making considerable investments in supporting their workforces, to include compensation, benefits, training and health care.

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Consumer Communication/Marketing

Two thirds of retailers are emphasizing quality, upscale shopping experiences as a service differentiation strategy, and more than 70% of those say it is a very effective approach.

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