Financial Picture Improves

Same store sales advanced in the past year and retailers express a more optimistic sales and profits outlook going forward. 

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Health Care Costs Top Concerns

Costs of providing health care benefits is considered to have a negative impact by 92 percent of respondents, making it the top concern.

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Tax Reform Expected to Lift Investments

The landmark tax reform law is likely to increase retailer investments for employees and store development. 

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E-commerce Gains Traction

Food retailers are widely experimenting with e-commerce and boosting space and labor allocations for online fulfillment. 

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Wellness Cited As Positive 

Consumer health and wellness proposition was cited as having the biggest positive impact on business.

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Full Speed Ahead on Fresh

Fresh foods segments are
being tapped for bigger space allocations in the
next two years.

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Private Brands Raise Profile

Many food retailers forecast bigger space and SKU allocations for private brands in the next two years.

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Consumer Engagement Draws Investment

Food retail initiatives including community engagement, loyalty programs and consumer wellness will gain even more focus in the next two years.

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Product Innovation Key Area for Enhancement

Food retailers have an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of product innovations/new items, an area in which the level of investment is high, but the success rate only moderate. 

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Promotions Embrace The Digital Era

Email is a mature platform, but food retailers consider it an important promotions vehicle going forward. They also anticipate growth in vehicles including apps, text promotions/outreach, mobile marketing/ads, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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