The Food Retailing Industry Speaks

For 67 years, FMI has surveyed the food retail industry to develop important operational and financial benchmarks ranging from sales and profits to shrink, turns and differentiation tactics.

The survey research results in The Food Retailing Industry Speaks (Speaks) report.

In 2017, companies that responded to the full survey represent 3,339 stores and combined with SEC filings the survey represents 23,362 stores.

What Are the Top Worries of Grocery Industry Leaders? 


Speaks contains The Worry Index, where senior leaders in the food retail industry are asked to provide feedback on the positive or negative impact on sales and profits for a list of macro and micro issues. Here are the highlights:

Impacting Sales/Profits Negatively:

Competition (online and non-traditional) 

Interchange Fees

Cost of Health Care Benefits

Upward Wage Pressure

State Government Regulations

Impacting Sales/Profits Positively:

Health and Wellness Proposition

Food as Medicine Trend

Changing Food Consumption Patterns

Leveraging Technology

Trade Relations