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October 7 at 2:00 pm ET

This discussion hosted by Leslie Sarasin, will launch the 2020 The Food Retailing Industry Speaks report, and includes Mark Baum, Jennifer Hatcher and Dr. Hilary Thesmar.

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Key Take-A-Ways

Food Retailers Adapt for Success

Food retailers are increasingly finding ways to succeed regardless of the landscape. They are adapting for success. While this trait is a differentiator for many retailers, over time it will become table stakes in this quickly changing environment.

Wellness Cited As Positive 

Health and well-being proposition and the food as medicine trend gained momentum as the two biggest positive factors and opportunities.

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Solidifying Consumer Connections

Food retailers are engaging more deeply with consumers, including through diverse promotional efforts, transparency initiatives, and community programs. 

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Proactive Approaches to Labor

Food retailers are navigating labor issues in ways that ensure business success, such as using compensation and benefits in ways to ensure a steady supply of talent.

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Full Speed Ahead
on Fresh

Fresh foods continue to drive product differentiation. We found a strong boost in success for produce, fresh prepared, and meat/poultry categories.

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More Ecommerce Experimentation

Food retailers are moving forward with a range of ecommerce initiatives as they strive to enhance their online shopping sophistication and engage customers.  

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Financial Improvements Overcome Pressures

Food retailers are succeeding in enhancing key financial and operational benchmarks despite an increasingly challenging expense landscape.

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