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Our Voice of The Food Industry blog offers commentary from FMI subject matter experts on timely and important topics to the food industry.

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  • What’s Real About Coronavirus and Food Packaging

    Mar 29, 2020
    Information around coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is swirling, and each day feels like it brings more information, resources, or questions. We know shoppers may be concerned about the viability and transferability of coronavirus on food ...
  • Grocery Stores Remain Constant in Times of Need

    Mar 18, 2020
    Even amidst numerous state emergency declarations relative to mass gatherings impacting restaurants and bars, the White House re-emphasized that grocery stores will remain open during this national emergency....
  • How Is the Grocery Supply Chain Responding to Coronavirus?

    Mar 11, 2020
    We live in a global economy, which is evident every day in the aisles of a grocery store. In times of crisis, most notably the current situation with increasing cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., shoppers are taking control of their environment – and ...
  • How Skogen’s Festival Foods Created an Award-Winning Food Safety Culture

    Mar 11, 2020
    At our 2020 Midwinter Executive Conference, we honored Skogen’s Festival Foods with the FMI Food Safety Innovation Award. Festival Foods has demonstrated a responsibility to strengthening its food safety culture using a multi-pronged ...
  • The 2020 Strategic Playbook For The Food Industry

    Mar 9, 2020
    FMI and Oliver Wyman’s annual journal publication Boardroom provides a starting point. In fact, volume 5 of the journal is a strategic playbook for the emerging issues a food retailer or supplier should be discussing in their boardrooms—that’s how ...
  • What Shoppers Say About Produce Packaging

    Mar 4, 2020
    Shoppers are pushing back on plastic waste, but many consumers do recognize packaging can be important when it comes to product shelf life, food safety, in-store conditions, product information, portability and more. This is particularly true for ...
  • Coronavirus Dual-Preparedness Mode

    Mar 3, 2020
    I have a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol sitting on my desk at work. It’s half-full, and I’ve used it more in the last two weeks than the last two years. I am also washing my hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. ...
  • What is Key To a Safe Food Supply? Collaboration.

    Feb 11, 2020
    The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) invited FMI to a meeting to develop data-driven goals for the Healthy People 2030 initiative, a national effort that sets objectives to improve the health and well-being of all people in the United ...
  • The Food Industry’s 2020 Retail Food Safety Priorities

    Feb 10, 2020
    The food industry is entering a new, critical food marketplace that’s focused on advancing technology, digitalization and information sharing. FMI organized a meeting with the FMI Food Protection Committee to set this year’s top food safety ...
  • What’s In A Brand?

    Jan 21, 2020
    Life is full of circumstances and situations that prompt us to evaluate our personal brand and make necessary changes, adapting to a new position or setting by shifting our brand. Sometimes these involve small adjustments and sometimes we must ...
  • SQF Fundamentals Program Launches in Brazil

    Jan 16, 2020
    Brazil is one of the largest importers of food supplies into the U.S. According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the largest categories imported from Brazil are unroasted coffee ($934 million), fruit and vegetable juices ($501 million)...
  • Smarter Food Safety: Emerging Technologies, Smarter Tools for Prevention, Evolving Business Models, and Food Safety Culture

    Jan 12, 2020
    Our “New Era of Food Safety" comments focus on several key principles, including focusing on outcomes; leveraging existing tools; increasing communications with stakeholders; accounting for the food industry’s variable resources and abilities; and ...
  • New Year Food Safety Resolutions with SQF Fundamentals Program

    Jan 6, 2020
    Has your company set food safety resolutions for the new year? Well, it all starts with building and nurturing a culture of food safety. Food safety doesn’t begin or end at your food industry site. Food safety is critical at every step in the supply ...
  • FMI’s 2019 Year in Review

    Dec 20, 2019
    There is something particularly noble about accomplishments that have so many ups and downs and surprise developments that they require a special brand of perseverance. Finishing the fight requires overcoming the nagging drag of self-doubt when the ...
  • SQF 2019: Embracing Difficult Food Safety Conversations

    Dec 12, 2019
    The SQF Conference provides a variety of educational opportunities for SQF stakeholders in the auditing, manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors. The global audience helps FMI and SQFI assess emerging challenges facing our food supply and ...