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  • The Food Industry Celebrates Family Meals Month

    Sep 17, 2020
    The food industry is rallying around National Family Meals Month™. Here are some of the MANY activities we’ve seen encouraging families to make the most of their time around the ...
  • So, How Does America Feel about All These Family Meals?

    Sep 11, 2020
    COVID-19 has certainly changed our approach to family meals and perhaps reshaped our attitude about preparing them, but has it affected the benefits and how we perceive them? We wanted to know, so the FMI Foundation funded research to find out and ...
  • A Millennial Declaration to Strengthen Family Meals

    Aug 27, 2020
    At the intersection of health and well-being and food safety, the Family Meals Movement signifies community service, inclusion, respect and a drive to build a brighter future ...
  • When One Plus One Equals Three with Family Meals

    Aug 20, 2020
    A powerful team of terms are the words family meal. Taken individually, the words family and meal take you down very different paths, but put them together and they form an entirely different emotively powerful ...
  • The Future of Food Safety Auditing

    Aug 18, 2020
    Food safety continues to grow in importance to the American consumer, and so grows the importance of well-trained food safety auditors. We wants to ensure there are well-trained auditors for years to come, so the FMI Foundation in partnership with ...
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Family Meals

    Aug 12, 2020
    The genius of the Wizard of Oz story lies in its ability to creatively convey a simple, but hard truth about human nature; we frequently go wishing for miracle solutions to our problems, when the answers we seek are already in our possession. Tin ...
  • Confessions of a Leftover Laggard

    Aug 6, 2020
    I admit to being a bit late to the game when it comes to appreciating the benefits and advantages to leftovers. Truth be told, I’ve never liked them. Even as a child, my Mother reported I would roll my eyes and, in my television-influenced ...
  • Supporting FMI Members with Health and Well-Being

    Aug 5, 2020
    As you may well know, the FMI logo has three overlapping arches which represent our efforts to (1) advocate, (2) collaborate and (3) educate as we support food industry efforts to advance a safer, healthier and more efficient consumer food supply. ...
  • Are We Eating Healthier During COVID-19?

    Jul 28, 2020
    According to the 2020 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, 21% of Gen Z and Millennials report eating much healthier during the COVID-19 pandemic and 27% report eating somewhat healthier during the pandemic. As a Millennial mom I couldn’t help but ...
  • Moving from Weariness to Well-being

    Jul 23, 2020
    For five months now, requirements in addressing COVID-19 have touched, affected, or changed most every aspect of our lives. Not the least of these is the fact it has reversed a significant food trend; it has driven us from being an eating culture, ...
  • The Role of the Retail Dietitian Before, During, and After the Pandemic

    Jul 20, 2020
    How does a health care professional get to practice in the supermarket? And what exactly does a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) do in the retail ...
  • A 360-Degree View of Fresh Industry Transformation

    Jul 13, 2020
    We’re entering a new phase. While the pandemic isn’t over, the country is opening up, and consumers are relaying increased confidence about shopping and safety. This period provides an opportunity to get a 360 view of where we’ve been, how much has ...
  • Collaborating on Health and Well-being

    Jun 17, 2020
    I am most excited in my new role at FMI to connect with so many others working to better serve all aspects of the food industry as together we embrace solutions for health and well-...
  • The New Normal Encouraging New Habits

    Jun 15, 2020
    The food industry recognizes that “family meal fatigue” is a real thing for everyone and that customers in all categories are in the same boat in which I find myself. We need help, solutions and new ideas to address the menu challenges of this ...
  • The Food Industry’s Role on World Food Safety Day

    Jun 5, 2020
    Food safety is a shared responsibility, and everyone plays a role in keeping food safe—from farm to fork. Please join FMI for World Food Safety Day on June 7, to honor the food safety heroes who help to protect the safety of our food supply and help ...