Herbert Hoover Award Recipients

Herbert Hoover Award
For humanitarian service in the food industry. The award was established in 1961 in honor of Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States, inspired by humanitarian campaigns he led working with the food industry. 

1961 Joseph Hyde, Sr., Malone and Hyde
          Charles Mortimer, General Foods Corporation
1962 J. Frank Grimes, IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance)
          Margaret Chase Smith, Senator and a Representative from Maine
1963 Clemens Krekeler, Tom-Boy, Inc.
          Thomas McCabe, Scott Paper
1964 Ned Fleming, Fleming Cos.
1965 French Fox, Fox Grocery
          Thomas Harrison, Super Valu
1966 Rudolph Treuenfels, Author
1967 William T. Brady, Corn Products Co.
1968 Charles P. McCormick, McCormick & Company, Inc.
1969 William B. Murphy, Campbell Soup Co.

1970 Clarence Francis, General Foods Corporation
1971 Jans J. Wolflisberg, Nestle Co.
1972 Robert W. Mueller, Editor & Publisher of Progressive Grocer Magazine
1973 Morris Lewis, Jr. SUPERVALU
1974 R. Burt Gookin, H.J. Heinz Co.c
1975 Clarence Adamy, National Association of Food Chains
1976 Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President of the United States
1977 James McFarland, General Mills
1978 Lee S. Bickmore, Nabisco, Inc.
1979 C.W. Cook, General Foods Corporation

1980 Robert Stuart, Jr., Quaker Oats Co
1981 Gerald Peck, National-American Wholesale Grocery Association
1982 John M. Volkhardt, CPC North America
1983 C. James McNutt, Campbell Soup Company
1984 Robert Schaeberle, Nabisco, Inc.
1985 William E. Dearden, Hershey
1986 Jack J. Crocker, SUPERVALU INC.
1987 Edgar B. Walzer, Editor of Progressive Grocer Magazine
1988 John F. Baugh, Sysco Corporation
1989 Richard Harrison, Fleming Companies

1990 Theodore Wetterau, Wetterau Incorporated
1991 G. Richard Katzenbach, Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger (FICAH)
1992 William E. LaMothe, Kellogg Company
1993 Charles P. McCormick, Jr., McCormick & Company, Inc.
1994 E. Dean Werries, Fleming Cos.
1995 Harold B. Finch, Jr., Nash Finch Co.
1996 Richard L. "Dick" Knowlton, Hormel Foods Corporation
          Julian J. Leavitt, Sweet Life Foods
1997 Robert E. Rich, Sr., Rich Products Corp.
          Jack Twyman, Super Food Services
1998 Drayton McLane, Jr., McLane Group ,L.P.
1999 Alfred Piergalinni, Gerber Products Company

2000 John F. Woodhouse, Sysco Corporation
2001 Robert John Emmons, Smart & Final Corp.
2002 Michael W. Wright, SUPERVALU INC.
2003 Philip F. Pellegrino, Kraft Foods, Inc.
2004 Paul Schulz, Food Distributors International
2005 Jack Block, Food Distributors International
2007 Boyd L. George, Alex Lee, Inc.
2008 Thomas P. Infusino, Wakefern Food Corporation
2009 Jeffrey Noddle, SUPERVALU INC.

2010 Gary Phillips, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
2011 Dean Janeway, Wakefern Food Corp.
2012 Richard Parkinson, Associated Food Stores, Inc.
2013 Al Plamann, Unified Grocers, Inc.
2014 J.H. (Jay) Campbell, Jr., Associated Grocers
2015 Thomas S. Haggai, IGA, Inc.
2016 Jerry Kehe, KeHE Distributors
2017 Jerry Garland, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
2018 Robert Ling Jr., Unified Grocers, Inc.
2019 Mark Batenic, IGA, Inc.

2020 Henry Johnson, W. Lee Flowers & Co.
2022 Neal Berube, Associated Food Stores, Inc.
2023 Bob Obray, Associated Food Stores (posthumous)
2024 Brandon Barnholt, KeHE Distributors