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For questions or more information, please contact FMI’s Vice President, Tax, Trade, Sustainability and Policy Development Andy Harig.

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Marjorie DePuy


For questions or more information, please contact FMI's Senior Director, Supply Chain and Sustainability Marjorie DePuy.

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Sustainability Webinar Recordings

AEM Webinar

3 Steps Forward: Smarter Energy Management In Food And Beverage

This webinar explores 3 strategic steps along that journey toward a more integrated energy and sustainability strategy.

The Food Retailing Industry Speaks, What Are They Saying?

This webinar explores the issues that are impacting food sales positively or negatively, gleans what strategies are helping food retailers differentiate from their competition, and probes the gaining impact of e-commerce on food retailing and more.

Sustainability Leadership


FMI's Sustainability Executive Committee is comprised of retail/wholesale company sustainability leaders and provides leadership, insight and expertise to the grocery industry on sustainability practices.

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