Driving Efficiency & Resiliency in the Grocery Supply Chain

Designed to empower leaders with strategy, vision, and leadership, the 2024 Supply Chain Forum provides the insights and tools to navigate the tenuous balance between supply chain efficiency and resiliency.

2024 Focus


  • Visibility is essential in the food retail supply chain, facilitating seamless collaboration and providing stakeholders the ability to anticipate and minimize disruption.
  • Real-time data sharing among retailers and suppliers ensures informed decision-making, fostering trust and more efficient planning through increased transparency.



  • Data-driven insights are transforming how food retailers forecast demand and cater to ever evolving consumer preferences.
  • Advanced forecasting models enable retailers to predict demand fluctuations accurately, optimizing inventory levels and marketing strategies to boost sales and customer satisfaction.



  • AI powered analysis of data from historical sales, market research, and consumer surveys provides trading partners the ability to anticipate consumer shopping patterns and plan accordingly.
  • Collaboration from farm to fork enables trading partners to track products in real-time and optimize inventory management to meet consumer demand.



2024 Topics:

  • Shifting Consumer Demands and Inflation 
  • Accelerating Speed to Market
  • Trading Partner Collaboration
  • Sustainability & the Supply Chain Ecosystem
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Leveraging AI and Technology and much more.

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