Building Long-Term Capacity and Resilience in the
Food Industry Supply Chain


Better Together – Collaborating across the entire value chain to restore equilibrium, identify supply chain root causes, share best practices, develop roadmaps, and embed greater resilience in the system.  

Join us as we focus on addressing the systemic end-to-end capacity, labor and cost challenges impacting efficiency, resiliency and business continuity designed to better serve consumers.

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Priority Focus Areas

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Labor Shortage & Workforce Challenges

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Transportation & Logistics:

Policy Advocacy
Drop Trailer Strategy
Hub & Spoke Networks

Collaboration & Communication:

Digital Visibility Capabilities
Bilateral Transparency
Demand Planning
Reliable Data Sharing

Labor Shortage & Workforce Challenges:

Restoring Labor Access
Future Workplace Adaptation
Enhancing Industry Reputation





  • Engage in open, honest, and timely conversations with industry partners. 
  • Identify root causes and bottlenecks impacting the end-to-end supply chain. 
  • Address immediate needs to restore supply chain equilibrium and product availability flow.
  • Develop transformative roadmaps to unlock efficiencies and build long-term capacity and resilience. 


  • Senior and mid-level executives in supply chain, logistics, merchandising, procurement, retail operations, transportation warehousing, and sales, customer supply chain. 
  • Retail, wholesale, product supplier, associate members.


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