Food Retail Leader Certificate


This certificate program, co-developed by FMI and Root, Inc., demonstrates that completers have the right food retail industry knowledge, skills, personal attributes and competencies to excel at leadership positions in the food retail industry. Those who earn the Food Retail Leader Certificate will be recognized in the food retail industry as qualified and committed food retail leaders and will have an extra edge in their professional career path.

The certificate is available to participants in both the annual Future Leaders eXperience event and company-sponsored Future Leaders Direct training.

Through a series of pre- and post-event assessments, online seminars, on-the-job training activities and debriefing sessions, participants build on the knowledge and skills gained through Future Leaders to further expand their experience and apply what they learned.

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Earners of the Food Retail Leader Certificate have come from the following companies:
Lakeisha Hall

“The program was great. I took away so many leadership behaviors that I have been able to apply to my team. I feel as if this process has helped me grow professionally as well as personally.”
- Lakeisha Hall, Traffic Manager, Associated Wholesale Grocers

I felt that program overall was very well structured and provided some great leadership principles. The timing and pace were more than adequate to accommodate it into our busy work schedules.
- Scott Kaverman, Category Manager - Salty Snacks, Cookies, Crackers, & Misc. Snacks, Schnuck Markets Inc.

Scott Kaverman