Future Leaders is based on the Root Compass® Manager Development program. It begins by exploring the big picture of an organization and the struggles to successfully execute strategy. This sets critical context and highlights the important role that leaders play in strategy execution as the key conduit to the front line or individual contributors. The program then focuses on these four topics:

1.  Know My Role

High-performing leaders understand that one of the most important aspects of their job, and where they should spend most of their time, is developing a great team of people. They know that satisfied, loyal, and effective teams create satisfied and loyal customers. This, in turn, delivers great outcomes and results.

2.  Know My Business   
root compass

High-performing leaders understand the “big picture” of our business – our vision, our strategy, and what team members must deliver for the business to be successful. When they communicate to their teams, they focus on the details while keeping the big picture in mind. This module includes a custom-developed Food Retail Learning Map® Experience built in conjunction with FMI leadersship and based on FMI’s industry research.

3.  Connect My Team

High-performing leaders know that the only way to consistently achieve great business results is to have team members who are connected to and engaged in the business. They know that it’s important to connect every individual’s daily tasks to something bigger.

4.  Deliver Results

High-performing leaders know how to deliver results through their teams. They have strong skills and are able to consistently:

  • Build relationships.
  • Be clear.
  • Coach and develop.
  • Celebrate.

A variety of delivery tools are employed to ensure that engagement and energy are maintained at a high level throughout the entire program. All of the modules are focused on providing context, engaging participants in the content, allowing the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills, and action planning so that insights and capabilities can be applied as soon as leaders return to their roles.