Certificates and Development

A skilled workforce will help your company build market share, profits, customer loyalty and long-term viability.

FMI sets the highest standards in professional development.

We have multiple programs that develop food industry professionals.

The food industry needs life-long learners to face the challenges of today and leverage the opportunities of tomorrow. FMI programs can help you orient your team to the food industry, develop as leaders, earn college credentials and make connections across the industry. We invite you to join us in learning and find the right certificate and development program for you.

Our Professional Development Programs

  • Future Leaders Live

    Future Leaders is the industry’s premier training program for retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. This interactive learning experience focuses on the development of leadership skills for professionals across the food industry. Learn More

  • Food Retail Learning Map Experience

    The Food Retail Learning Map® Experience, offered by FMI and Root Inc., provides everyone in your organization a birds-eye view of the rapidly evolving food industry. Using visual metaphors, memorable stories, and group discussion, the Root Learning Map® methodology delivers simplicity and clarity to a complex world. Learn More

  • Food Retail Leader Certificate

    Through a series of pre- and post-event assessments, online seminars, on-the-job training activities and debriefing sessions, participants build on the knowledge and skills gained through participating in a Future Leaders event to further expand their experience and apply what they learned. Learn More

  • Retail Management Certificate

    The Retail Management Certificate is a community college academic program specifically tailored to develop the core competencies in business, marketing, management, technology, organizational behavior, communications, and finance necessary to be a successful grocery leader. Learn More

Retailers and Suppliers Investing in Workforce

Which program is right for you?

We have several programs that can help develop the next generation of food retail workforce. Whether you’re looking to orient your team to the industry, build your high potentials into full-blown leaders or help your associates earn a college credential, see the brief outlines of our programs below and pick the one that’s right for you.

Future Leaders Live (Annual Event & Direct)3 day workshop$1,000 - $3,000 based on FMI Membership StatusOrlando, FL
Future Leaders DirectCustomizablePrice dependent on customer needs At your location
Food Retail Learning Map Experience90-minute sessionPrice dependent on customer needs At your location
Food Retail Leader CertificateThree 1-hour online seminars with follow up activities to be completed over the course of 6 months No cost above registration or licenseAt your location
Retail Management Certificate1-2 years$275/class 8 class programVirtual

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