Change. Take Charge of It

Bridge the gap between your company’s present and future success with a new leadership development paradigm: the FMI Future Leaders eXperience.
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May 14-16, 2019 
Marriott St. Louis Grand
St. Louis, Missouri

The eXperience

FMI has developed a leadership event that can't be replicated, leveraging the world renowned Root Compass manager development system. We've redesigned the entire Future Leaders eXperience, addressing one of food retail’s largest emerging issues—workforce. Organizations need emerging leaders to bring new strategies to life. Future Leaders eXperience offers rising stars a street-smart approach to leadership that will change the way they see themselves, lead their teams, and impact business results.

Food Retail Leader Certificate

This certificate program, co-developed by FMI and Root Inc., will demonstrate that you have the right food retail industry knowledge, skills, personal attributes and competencies to excel at leadership positions in the food retail industry. Your Certificate in Food Retail Leadership will bring you recognition in the food retail industry as a qualified and committed food retail leader and give you an edge in your professional career path. Learn more about attaining the Food Retail Leader Certificate.

Store Manager's Award

The FMI Store Manager Awards give much-deserved recognition the exceptional store managers who are out there, day in and day out, spurring sales growth, providing great customer service and playing an integral role in their communities. Check out this year's winners

Food Truck Night