Considering sending some of your employees through the Future Leaders eXperience? Make the most of it.

Below, we share a few ideas for supporting them through their leadership journey, as well as processes other companies have implemented to recognize their rising stars.

Before the eXperience

Share Company Goals
  • Review your company’s strategic plan and how your Future Leader plays a role in your company’s success. 
  • Set expectations with your Future Leader for this course. Ask what success looks like to them.  

Establish Good Communication
  • Establish an ongoing relationship with your Future Leader by initiating regular communication. 
  • Ask previous Future Leaders and Coaches to share their experiences with the new class of Future Leaders. 
  • Be open to hearing ideas and opinions from your Future Leader. 

Promote a Successful Environment
  • Create space and time for your Future Leader to participate in the course sessions and activities.
  • Model a positive attitude with your Future Leader. 

During the eXperience

Give & Gather
  • Review your Future Leaders’ goals for the program.
  • Ask your Future Leader for feedback throughout the course. Give your Future Leader constructive feedback and ask for it in return.
  • Ask your Future Leader’s team members if they are noticing their leader approaching their work in new ways.

Encourage Progress
  • Vocalize your support of the program.
  • Assign projects that align with your Future Leader’s goals. 
  • Encourage your Future Leaders to communicate with their colleagues about what they are learning in each session. 
  • Plan a recognition celebration so your Future Leader has something to look forward to upon their successful completion of the course. 

After the eXperience

Give Recognition & Celebrate Success
  • Congratulate your Future Leader for earning their Food Retail Leader Certificate.
  • Recognize your Future Leader’s accomplishments in front of their peers by hosting a celebratory event, such as an employee lunch break (in-person or virtual) or a certificate ceremony.
  • Create a forum for your Future Leader to share best practices and their key takeaways from the course with other team members.
  • Feature your Future Leader on your company’s website or in your company’s newsletter.

Provide Opportunities for Growth
  • Discuss what opportunities for growth are available at your company and how your Future Leader can pursue those opportunities.
  • Inspire your Future Leaders to apply lessons learned from the course and revisit their goals regularly.
  • Equip your Future Leaders with opportunities to participate in additional personal and professional development opportunities to continue their leadership journey.
  • Encourage your Future Leader to volunteer as a Coach for the next Future Leaders eXperience offering.
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