Considering sending some of your employees through the Future Leaders eXperience? Make the most of it.

Below, we share a few ideas for supporting them through their leadership journey, as well as processes other companies have implemented to recognize their rising stars.

Before the eXperience

Share Company Goals
  • Review your company’s strategic plan and how your Future Leader plays a role in your company’s success. 
  • Set expectations with your Future Leader for this course. Ask what success looks like to them.  

Establish Good Communication
  • Establish an ongoing relationship with your Future Leader by initiating regular communication. 
  • Ask previous Future Leaders and Coaches to share their experiences with the new class of Future Leaders. 
  • Be open to hearing ideas and opinions from your Future Leader. 

Promote a Successful Environment
  • Create space and time for your Future Leader to participate in the course sessions and activities.
  • Model a positive attitude with your Future Leader. 

During the eXperience

Give & Gather
  • Review your Future Leaders’ goals for the program.
  • Ask your Future Leader for feedback throughout the course. Give your Future Leader constructive feedback and ask for it in return.
  • Ask your Future Leader’s team members if they are noticing their leader approaching their work in new ways.

Encourage Progress
  • Vocalize your support of the program.
  • Assign projects that align with your Future Leader’s goals. 
  • Encourage your Future Leaders to communicate with their colleagues about what they are learning in each session. 
  • Plan a recognition celebration so your Future Leader has something to look forward to upon their successful completion of the course. 

After the eXperience

Give Recognition & Celebrate Success
  • Congratulate your Future Leader for earning their Food Retail Leader Certificate.
  • Recognize your Future Leader’s accomplishments in front of their peers by hosting a celebratory event, such as an employee lunch break (in-person or virtual) or a certificate ceremony.
  • Create a forum for your Future Leader to share best practices and their key takeaways from the course with other team members.
  • Feature your Future Leader on your company’s website or in your company’s newsletter.

Provide Opportunities for Growth
  • Discuss what opportunities for growth are available at your company and how your Future Leader can pursue those opportunities.
  • Inspire your Future Leaders to apply lessons learned from the course and revisit their goals regularly.
  • Equip your Future Leaders with opportunities to participate in additional personal and professional development opportunities to continue their leadership journey.
  • Encourage your Future Leader to volunteer as a Coach for the next Future Leaders eXperience offering.
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What's Involved?

You'll be paired with a group, whom you'll set-up a virtual meet & greet with. You'll share your lessons learned and help your group set goals for the eXperience in addition to following up with your group between each live lesson to help them achieve their goals. 

Meet 'n Greets

Coaches are asked to host at least two virtual meet and greets, scheduled around the start and mid-point of the program.


Coaches are asked to attend a brief training session on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 (the session will be recorded if you are unavailable). Coaches should connect with your groups in some way between each session. (Resources and ideas provided). 

2023 Timeframe

Thursday, April 20
Thursday, May 4
Thursday, May 18
Thursday, June 8
Thursday, June 22
Thursday, June 29

Coaches are not required to attend any of the Future Leaders live sessions for participants.  


  • Strengthen and reinforce skills learned through the program.
  • Lead teams and develop talent.
  • Share a peer-to-peer perspective while networking with other coaches.

Those who successfully mentor a group will receive a digital badge as a Recognized Food Industry Leader Coach, shareable on LinkedIn, by email, with colleagues, and other social outlets.


We invite all Food Retail Leader certificate recipients to volunteer their time to act as coaches. We encourage you to check in with your organization to get their support for this opportunity.


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