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The swift transformation we see the food retailing industry moving through demands a new leadership paradigm. The Future Leaders eXperience will give high-potential industry employees the opportunity to step back from their daily routines and hone the skills that will be required as they take over leadership posts in their stores, their companies and their industry.

Interactive Learning

Reflecting today’s workplace realities, the Future Leaders eXperience offers an innovative learning approach that compels participants to work together as cross-company, cross-functional teams as they challenge assumptions and move out of their comfort zones. Leaders will focus on four essential areas:

Future Leaders Circle

Education Topics


The Canyon Introduction to issues faced by managers and leaders. 
Know My Role  Focus on developing a great team, the business results they want will follow. 
Know My Industry Being knowledgeable about the big picture prepares managers to lead their team to deliver great results. 
Connect My Team  Staying truly engaged in and connected to the big picture, managers will be inspired to help the team succeed and to act on what matters most. 
Build Relationships  Great leaders see people as their top responsibility. 
Set Clear Expectations  Avoid performance issues that stem from unclear expectations. 
Coach and Develop Develop coaching skills to drive individual and team performance.
Celebrate  Take steps to sustain what's been started and maintain engagement: check in, give feedback, provide coaching, take action and celebrate wins. 

  • Future Leaders 2017- 14
  • Future Leaders 2017 - 8