William H. Albers Industry Relations Award Recipients

Albers Award
For excellence in trading partner relations and consumer and community service. A supermarket pioneer, Mr. Albers served as the first chairman of the Board of Directors of the Super Market Institute, one of FMI's predecessor associations, from 1937-1944. 


1955 J. Sidney Johnson, National Biscuit Co.
1956 Paul S. Willis, Grocery Manufacturers of America
1957 Clarence Francis, General Foods Corporation
1958 Charles B. Shuman, American Farm Bureau Federation
1959 Nathan Lurie, Wrigley’s Stores
1960 Watson Rogers, National Food Brokers Association


1961 Homer Davison, American Meat Institute
1962 M. M. Zimmerman, Super Market Institute
1963 Don Parsons, Super Market Institute
1964 Harrison F. Dunning, Scott Paper
1965 Charles G. Mortimer, General Foods Corporation
1966 Lee S. Bickmore, Nabisco Inc.
1967 William B. Murphy, Campbell Soup Co.
1968 J. Paul Austin, The Coca-Cola Company
1969 Robert D. Stuart, Jr., Quaker Oats Company

1970 Robert J. Keith, Pillsbury
1971 Robert W. Reneker, Esmark, Inc.
1972 R. Burt Gookin, Heinz Co.
1973 William O. Beers, Kraft Inc.
1974 Robert C. Cosgrove, Green Giant Company
1975 James P. McFarland, General Mills Inc.
1976 Donald R. Keough, The Coca-Cola Company
1977 Andrall Pearson, PepsiCo. Inc.
1978 O. Everett Swain, Kraft Inc.
1979 C. J. McNutt, Campbell Soup Co.

1980 Robert M. Schaeberle, Nabisco
1981 George Weissman, Phillip Morris
1982 Owen B. Butler,The Procter & Gamble Co.
1983 James L. Ferguson, General Foods
1984 Paul H. Smucker J. M. Smucker and Company
1985 Keene and Patricia Larson, Desert Diamond Table Grapes
1986 John H. Bryan, Jr. Sarah Lee Corporation
1987 Eugene J. Sullivan, Borden
1988 William E. LaMothe, Kellogg Company
1989 Richard L. Knowlton, Hormel Foods Corporation

1990 R. Gordon McGovern, Campbell Soup Company
1991 William D. Smithburg, Quaker Oats Company
1992 H. Brewster Atwater, Jr., General Mills, Inc.
1993 Charles P. McCormick, Jr., McCormick & Company, Inc.
1994 Marsh H. Blackburn, Sales Force Companies, Inc.,
1995 Roberto G. Goizueta, The Coca-Cola Company
1996 D. Wayne Calloway, Pepsi-Cola Company
1997 Paul M. Duffley, Pepsi-Cola Company
          Jerry B. Gilbert, Johnson & Johnson
          J. P. Gutermuth, Nabisco
          Packy Nespeca, American Greetings
          W. Hugh Phillips, The Minute Maid Company
          Dean Skadberg, The Procter & Gamble Company
1998 H. John Greeniaus, Nabisco
1999 John E. Pepper, The Procter & Gamble Company

2000 August A. Busch III, Anheuser-Busch
2001 Roger A. Enrico, PepsiCo Inc.
2002 Stephen W. Sanger, General Mills
2003 Timothy P. Smucker, J. M. Smucker and Company
2004 Robert Holbritter, The Minute Maid Company
          Michael Irish, Philip Morris USA
          Michael L. Maurer, The Procter & Gamble Company
          F. A. (Buddy) Miller, Unilever Bestfoods
          Mel Williams, Unilever Bestfoods.
2005 James M. Kilts, The Gillette Company
2006 Steven S. Reinemund, PepsiCo, Inc
2007 C. Manly Molpus, Grocery Manufacturers Association
2008 A.G. Lafley, The Proctor & Gamble Company
2009 Milt Sender, Daymon Worldwide, Inc.

2010 Don Knauss, The Clorox Company
2011 Art Drogue, Unilever
         Rick Wolford, Del Monte Foods
2012 Doug Conant, Campbell Soup Company
2013 Joe Burke, Coca-Cola Refreshments
2014 Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Company
2015 Gary Rodkin, ConAgra Foods, Inc.
2016 J. Alexander “Sandy” M. Douglas, Jr., The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola North America
2017 J.P. Bilbrey and Tom Joyce, The Hershey Company
2018 Irene Rosenfeld, Mondelēz International
2019 Muhtar Kent, The Coca-Cola Company 
          Ern Sherman,  The Coca-Cola Company

2020 Al Carey, PepsiCo, Inc.
2022 Steve Cahillane, Kellogg Company

2023 Rick Brindle, Mondelēz International
2024 Steve Presley, Zone NA, Nestlé
          Steven Williams, PepsiCo Foods North America, PepsiCo