• 2019
    Grand Prize Winners

    Lori Hodgkinson
    ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc.

    Tim Collins
    K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.

    Bruce Yeo
    Fry’s Food Stores

    Niki Scott

    People's Pick Award
    Niki Scott

  • 2018
    Grand Prize Winners

    Al Gartner
    Lunds & Byerlys

    Kathy Sweigert
    Giant Martin's

    Pam Hudson
    Dillons Food Stores, a division of the Kroger Co.

    Joanne Walker
    SPAR Northern Ireland/Henderson Group

    People's Pick Award
    Mitch Cochran
    Food City

  • 2017
    Grand Prize Winners

    Gary Casterline
    ShopRite of Hunterdon County

    Ricky Myers
    D&W Fresh Market, SpartanNash

    Sally Angulo
    Fry’s Food Stores, The Kroger Co.

    Clive Gould
    SPAR Glenacres

    People's Pick Award
    John Snavely
    Food 4 Less, The Kroger Co.

  • 2016
    Grand Prize Winners

    • Category A: Alberto Ayala, Northgate Gonzalez Market, Los Angeles, California
    • Category B: Piotr Soja, Big Y Foods, Inc., Northampton, Massachusetts
    • Category C: Josh Birmingham, The Kroger Co. Columbus Division, Holland, Ohio
    • Category D: Ted Pigeon, Overwaitea Food Group, Victoria, BC, Canada
    • FMI Store Managers People's Pick Award: Jon Wieser, Festival Foods, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • 2015
    Grand Prize Winners

    2015 Grand Prize Winners
    • Category A: Brian Hayes, Super Saver, Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Category B: Mark Hubbard, Food City, Kingsport, Tennessee
    • Category C: Brian Wilken, Hy-Vee, Inc., Charles City, Iowa
    • Category D: Charlynne Stunder, Overwaitea Food Group, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • FMI Store Managers People's Pick Award: Mark Hubbard, Food City, Kingsport, Tennessee and Steve Gannon, Winn-Dixie, Cantonment, Florida
  • 2014
    Grand Prize Winners

    2014 Grand Prize Winners
    • Category A: Larry Hack, Martin's Super Markets #16, Granger, Indiana
    • Category B: Kate Allred, Lowes Foods #161, Clemmons, North Carolina
    • Category C: Randy Kruse, Ames No. 2 Hy-Vee, Inc., Ames, Iowa
    • Category D: George Katsifolis, Alpha Beta Kalamata 3, a company of Delhaize Group, Kalamata, Greece
  • 2013
    Grand Prize Winners

    2013 Grand Prize Winners
    • Category A: Maggie McLaughlin, Roche Bros., Wellesley, MA
    • Category B: Fernando Noriega, United Supermarkets, LLC, Amarillo, TX
    • Category C: Greg Giles, Bi-Lo LLC, Simpsonville, SC
    • Category D: Jun Oshima, Yaoko Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan 
  • 2012
    Grand Prize Winners

    2012 Grand Prize Winners
    • Category A: Mike Jacob, ShopRite of Hunterdon County, Flemington, NJ
    • Category B: Lee Lucero, King Soopers, Denver, CO 
    • Category C: TEd Boyd, Bi-Lo LLC, Greenwood, SC
  • 2011
    Grand Prize Winners

    2011 Grand Prize Winners
    • Shawn Commons, PriceRite Supermarket, Reading, PA
    • Allan Bussey, Brookshire Grocery Co., Tyler, TX
    • Kristi Masteron, Hy-Vee, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2010
    Grand Prize Winners

    2010 Grand Prize Winners
    • Dave McCleery, Russ's Market
    • Sharon Boyett, Brookshire Grocery Co.
    • Molly Stiles, The KRoger Co.
  • 2009
    Grand Prize Winners

    2009 Grand Prize Winners
    • Bob Gilick, ShopRite Supermarket
    • Henry Falcon, Sweetbay Supermarket
    • Jeff Barricks, Safeway Inc. 
  • 2008
    Grand Prize Winners

    2008 Grand Prize Winners
    • Ralph Towery, MarketPlace Foods
    • Cheryl Rondenelli, Hannaford Bros. Co.
    • Mark Halvorson, Cub Foods
  • 2007
    Grand Prize Winners

    2007 Grand Prize Winners
    • Lewis F. "Bud" Kennedy, Green Hills Farms, Inc.
    • Kenneth Hal, Jr. Schnuck Markets, Inc.
    • Don Blair, Bi-Lo, LLC
  • 2006
    Grand Prize Winners

    2006 Grand Prize Winners
    • Daryl McCausland, Safeway Food and Drug
    • Gary Heckathorn, Bashas' Family of Stores
    • Anthony Estrada, Ball's Food Stores
  • 2005
    Grand Prize Winners

    2005 Grand Prize Winners
    • Paul Boisjolie, Hy-Vee, Inc.
    • Pamela Peterson, Spartan Stores
    • Duane Roderick, Covington Foods, Inc.
  • 2004
    Grand Prize Winners

    2004 Grand Prize Winners
    • Danny Glick, Hy-Vee, Inc.
    • Rick Jaeger, Stater Brothers Market
    • Kasimir Pawliszyn, Raley's Family of Fine Stores
    • Ramiro Aguirre, Moore Street Market
  • 2003
    Grand Prize Winners

    2003 Grand Prize Winners
    • Angel Andujar, Pueblo International LLC (San Juan, PR)
    • Kevin Fry, Roche Bros.
    • Yehuda Kabessa, Universe Club-Supersol (Israel)
    • Ed Moore, K-VA-T Food Stores
  • 2002
    Grand Prize Winners

    2002 Grand Prize Winners
    • Charles Fitzsimmons, Bruno's Supermarkets
    • Paul McCarthy, Superquinn Carlow (Ireland)
    • Darcy Nutter, Price Chopper Supermarket
    • Doug York, D&W Food Centers, Inc. 
  • 2001
    Grand Prize Winners

    2001 Grand Prize Winners
    • Dennis Marchi, Schnuck Markets, Inc.
    • Thomas McLawhorn, Farm Fresh, Inc.
    • John Bullion, Publix Super Markets, Inc.
    • Harry Allen, Publix Super Markets, Inc.