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Category D: (International), Winner

Niki Scott

Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador

Store Manager, Niki Scott, has built trust and dedication among her staff in the store that serves the community of Paradise. The “punch” rate - the number of employees who punch in late for their shifts - at her Sobeys is below 5 percent.

The community loves the store’s monthly seniors’ teas, cooking classes for high school students and fundraising events like “Neveah’s Lemonade Stand,” which routinely raises nearly $3,000 for families dealing with pediatric cancer in the Canadian province.

Scott landed a Business Process Scoreboard score of 91.7 percent for in-store customer experience with ideas like “Fish n’ Brew Friday,” produce trays featuring berries and a Christmas cake holiday promotion.

Scott is an excellent mentor and is focused on helping employees grow their roles, advance levels, and receive training in multiple departments. She is hands-on with her employees and provides positive coaching and proactive mentoring to support her team members with all situations they face.

Scott is her company’s official Learning Store Trainer for store manager trainees, thanks to her mentoring skills, hands-on approach to communicating with employees and ability to often “step back” and let team members take the lead.

Scott and her staff recently received a Human Sigma score of 6 as a measure of overall customer and employee satisfaction with the store and a customer engagement score of 4.87, out of a possible 5.