Rules and Regulations 

  • All nominations must be submitted electronically at An account profile must be created to begin the submission process.
  • Companies must include what category they are competing in and how many stores the company owns. Please note that if your company is a subsidiary of a larger company you may nominate your store manager in the category based on the subsidiary's size.
  • Photos such as in store events, displays, and team building activities, should be included.


Entry must be about a store manager who has been at the same place of business/store for at least one year. No entries about owners, public relations personnel or store employees other than the store manager will be accepted. The Store Manager Award Program is open to FMI members only. Non-members who would like to participate can contact Karina Beltran-Romero or Daniel Ratner for details on becoming a member.

Scoring Criteria

Entries will be scored based on overall content and the store manager’s demonstrated ability to:

  • Generate sales growth and positively impact the overall business of the store. Statistics on growth/sales should be included.

  • Effectively communicate company and store goals and objectives from a sales and customer service perspective with store associates.

  • Lead, mentor and motivate associates in the store/company. Specific examples of how they develop their associates in-store or company-wide, special awards they've received or unique/challenging attributes of the store that impact the associates (e.g., store is in a food desert or resort town) should be listed here.

  • Execute innovative in-store programs to improve overall customer service/satisfaction.

  • Develop special events, encourage staff volunteerism, and/or participate in community organizations and activities that have improved overall community relations.

Judging Criteria

All entries will be reviewed and judged by an outside panel of human resources professionals within FMI’s membership and by FMI staff. Entries will be scored by the panel, resulting in the selection of twelve finalists and four grand-prize winners. 


Nominations are closed for 2024.