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Category C: (200+ Stores), Winner

Bruce Yeo

Fry’s Food Stores
Chandler, Arizona

Bruce Yeo knows he manages one of the “big dogs” of food retail: His sprawling Fry’s Food Stores is located at a busy intersection in suburban Chandler, Arizona. His store was named the best Marketplace store in its division. Every day, Yeo walks the floor and communicates constantly with every department on their progress toward store and companywide goals. 

When Yeo’s store went through a massive Scan-Bag-Go installation that in some stores could have caused major disruptions at peak shopping times, his store’s morale and customer service did not skip a beat under Yeo’s leadership.

Yeo communicates high expectations for performance and works diligently to assure his associates have a clear understanding of expectations, resulting in an enthusiastic buy-in to performance goals.

Along with keeping one of his company’s busiest stores excelling on a day-to-day basis, Yeo found another niche as a superb talent developer. In the last two years, he has trained and promoted two new store managers, two district coordinators and a sales planner.

Whether it’s volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank or participating in Red Cross’ community outreach during the holidays, Yeo implements a strong sense of community among staff by encouraging volunteerism and giving back.

Yeo continually lives out Fry’s core values through his passion for people and his drive to be a great leader.