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Pam Hudson

Dillons Food Stores, a division of the Kroger Co.
Hutchinson, Kansas

The Dillons Grocery branch Pam Hudson manages in Hutchinson, Kansas, is one of the largest in the division, with more than 280 associates. So, when competitive pressures in the area drove prices down and bad weather cut into sales, one could have expected a so-so financial report card in 2017. Instead, Hudson led her team to a year-end sales increase of three percent.

“Pam leads by example, not only by following and executing all company initiatives and goals, but also by serving the community around her.” --Ken Deluca, vice president of the Kroger Co.’s Dillons Division


She didn’t perform magic to keep such a large “ship” on an even keel. Both supervisors and employees can point to a set of concrete initiatives and programs Hudson undertook to assure her store’s success:Hudson persisted throughout the year to build the store’s e-commerce business - and it paid off. By the end of the year, the store was landing 45 to 60 online orders a week, achieving an e-commerce sales record in the last quarter.

There’s a good reason she leads the Dillons division in digital “flash sales”: Hudson stationed team members throughout the store to help customers download the Dillons app to their phones and show them how to use electronic coupons for the event.

Management changes in the front end of the store led to a brief staff morale challenge. Hudson responded quickly with a retraining program that led to customer satisfaction increases of four points for cashiers and three points for courtesy clerks.

Her daily store walks allowed her to mentor store leaders and provided an example to them of how they should manage their own department team members.