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Category C: (200+ Stores)

Jen Book

Hy-Vee, Inc.
Altoona, Iowa

A believer in paying leadership forward, Jen Book has helped many employees advance and run their own departments and, in some cases, their own stores, by giving them special duties and projects.

You can also find her talking with customers on a daily basis -- in the case of some customers who come in more than one a day, really regularly. Among other reasons, the store’s impeccable customer service has helped the location reap higher year-over-year increases.

Book leads her store’s participation in local programs with anti-hunger, veterans, children’ s hospital, school and police and fire organizations. When tornadoes tore through the area last year, she sprang into action, providing water and food for cleanup crews.

Book was elected to the Hy-Fee Hall of Fame for store directors in 2019, lauded for her 30-plus years of service and strong management skills.

“Jen Book has been running well-stocked, fundamentally sound stores for years. She sets high standards that her employees follow. She leads in a quiet but strong manner. She works hard and has continuously shown increase in profit and sales.” Scott James, retired Hy-Vee vice president who oversaw her region.