Jim Grochowalski

Category A: (1-25 Stores)

Jim Grochowalski

Martin’s Super Markets
Stevensville, MI

Jim “Groucho” Grochowalski earns high marks for his work. Industry longevity has also taught him the importance of innovation in delivering satisfying customer experiences.

Grochowalski fosters customer loyalty and ensures optimal store conditions by reviewing shopper comment reports with all of his store’s employees.

Grochowalski boosted his store’s customer count by 2.58% last year and turned steadily declining sales into a 1.3% increase.

If bad feedback happens, Grochowski takes action. After fielding customer complaints about rambunctious teens from the nearby high school gathering at the store café, he created an after-school program staffed by employees.

“Groucho's lead-by-example philosophy and enthusiasm for providing an unmatched shopping experience ensures loyalty in not only his employees, but his customers as well.”