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Category D: (International), Winner

Clive Gould

SPAR Glenacres
Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Clive Gould’s store motto at SUPERSPAR Glenacres in Johannesburg, South Africa, is “Best in Fresh” and it has led to financial success. Gould’s SUPERSPAR Glenacres faces stiff competition with 12 similar food retailers within a mile and a half. His tools for dealing with rivals fresh products and a clean store. An especially intense focus is put on constantly replenishing the store’s fresh products and a major renovation in 2015 has gone a long way toward projecting a clean, fresh image and enhanced offerings. 

Gould knows freshness and cleanliness only get him so far. He must have a team of associates who also believe in his “Best in Fresh” motto. Top management meets weekly and senior department managers meet every day to make it clear to associates that product and service delivery are the most important elements in customer satisfaction and success.

Gould simply spends a large part of everyday walking the sales floor and demonstrating to associates how to best implement his focus on what matters most. At the same time, he has worked to achieve a delicate system of checks and balances with his associates, all while eliminating many processes that once called for management approval at every turn, essentially turning much of the business responsibility over to his associates.

In community service, Gould has a strong sense of social responsibility and it is demonstrated by his and his team’s commitment to Johannesburg institutions like SPCA, AC2C Recovery Centre and the Maranatha Church for the Homeless.

SUPERSPAR Glenacres saw a 6-percent growth in revenue in a tight market and its fresh offerings account for a full 39 percent of total sales. Gross profit last year was up 21 percent.