By: Kelli Windsor, Manager, Member and Digital Communications, Food Marketing Institute
Best of 2015 FMI Library

As 2015 comes to a close, we took an opportunity to look back at what sparked our readers’ interest this past year on the Voice of Food Retail blog. We’ll present the top blog posts across categories over the next few days. Thank you for reading and please subscribe to the Voice of Food Retail blog for more relevant content in 2016!  

As the first installment, we look at our most popular posts related to FMI’s signature research and education. A common theme remains operational performance; putting in place the right people and resources to stay ahead.

Top Research Blogs

New Coordinates on FMI’s Map of Food Retail Worries

Each year, FMI’s The Food Retailing Industry Speaks’ report captures the top concerns confronting the food retail industry in a popular feature called the Worry Index.  This list is more than a simple list of current industry issues, as it is also something of an anxiety GPS, tracking the emotional state of the industry. The 2015 top ten list of worries (reflecting their impact in 2014) saw a few traditional anxieties lose intensity, some old concerns return and some new alarms surface.  This year’s top concerns include the following.

Top 5 Food Retail FMI Library Treasures

In honor of National Library Week, we’re celebrating the FMI Library and showcasing some of the food retail treasures in the collection. Here are our top five food retail treasures in the FMI Library.

Top Education Blogs

Getting Ahead in Food Retail

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 68 percent of U.S. jobs by 2018—including the grocery industry—will require a credential, if not a degree. That’s significant when you consider that according to 2010 Census Bureau data only 30 percent of adults ages 25 or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher and for those working in the grocery industry that number drops to only 14 to 20 percent.

10 Stand-Out Supermarket Store Managers

This year, we received 98 nominations for the FMI Store Manager Awards and are pleased to share with you the following 10 finalists. These exceptional store managers will attend FMI Connect, where the winners will be announced during the annual FMI Speaks presentation on Wednesday morning, June 10. 

Strategic Executive Exchange: Q&A with AWG’s Steve Arnold

Steve Arnold, executive vice president of marketing with Associated Wholesale Grocers offers his perspective on how AWG lays the groundwork for business building opportunities during the Strategic Executive Exchange (SEE) and the Annual Business Conference (ABC) meetings.

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