By Kelli Windsor, Director, Digital Communications, FMI

Imagine a cold Saturday in the middle of February. You’re at home with the kids andGen Z and Millennial Grocery Shopping Habits Infographic you’re all getting a little stir crazy. It’s too cold to go outside, there are no sport or extra circular activities on the calendar, and the only thing on your to-do list is grocery shopping. If your household is anything like mine, on a day like this (which happens a lot) grocery shopping becomes the BIG outing for the day—not out of boredom, but because we like to grocery shop.

FMI recently teamed up with the USC Marshall School of Business on The Grocery Shopping Habits of Gen Z and Millennials. We started our research by asking the source with focus group interviews of Gen Z and millennial grocery shoppers. These discussions informed a larger survey and sought to better understand these age groups’ online shopping perceptions, attitudes and behaviors and use of technology during food and grocery shopping. What we found was surprising.

Turns out younger generations prefer to shop for groceries in the store versus shopping online. Yes, both Gen Z and millennials shop online, but when it comes to grocery shopping there is an exception. As you can see in the infographic, only a small percentage of Gen Z and millennial grocery shopping purchases are made online monthly. In fact, research found that the majority of Gen Z and millennial shoppers have not shopped for groceries online in the last 30 days.

I encourage you to download the full report, which is a fascinating in-depth look at why Gen Z and millennial shoppers prefer to shop in-store and their general feelings and habits around grocery shopping. It’s a good read. However, I’ll will leave you with this. In my millennial family, nearly every week grocery shopping is our big Saturday outing. Sure, when life gets hectic we might utilize an online grocery shopping option, but if schedules allow, we all love going to the grocery store, planning meals, finding new products, taste testing samples and getting out of the house.

Download The Grocery Shopping Habits of Gen Z and Millennials