By: Tom Cosgrove, Senior Manager, Industry Relations, FMI

Legend Award Mark Gaudette

This will come as no surprise to anyone in the food retail industry, but one of the key imperatives identified by the Board of Directors at FMI is workforce and retention. The Asset Protection (AP) Council has recognized the importance of this and are always looking for ways to invest in their people and reward them for their hard work. The Council has utilized a few tools to recognize up and comers as well as those that have made a big splash in the industry.  

In my last blog, I highlighted one of those tools, the Rising Star Award, which recognized someone who exemplified excellence in business acumen, professional growth, and enhanced business profits. Congratulations again to Michelle Fischer and all the finalists!

In 2022, the AP Council recognized two individuals who were dedicated leaders in the AP world, Kathleen Smith and Steve Hoptay. To honor their legacy and also continue to recognize people like them in the industry, this year the AP Council instituted a new award called the AP Legend Award. As the Asset Protection & Grocery Resilience (APGR) Conference continues to grow, the importance of these leaders and mentors in the industry grows with it.

To continue the legacy of Kathleen and Steve, the AP Council recognized Mark Gaudette for his many years of service in the AP community, including 23 years as the director of asset protection at Big Y. Mark was presented with the FMI Asset Protection Legend Award, which highlights:

  • Years of service in the AP Community.
  • Mentorship.
  • Contributions to the AP industry.

Congratulations again to Mark for receiving the Legend Award, and thank you for all that you did and continue to do to move the industry forward. The industry is better off as a result, and we look forward to honoring you through future endeavors, such as APGR 2024 and beyond.