By: Allison Febrey, Assistant, Health & Wellness/FMI Foundation/Food & Product Safety

aha-2017-family-mealsThis past September, American Heart Association (AHA) promoted National Family Meals Month™(NFMM) through its Healthy For Good program. The Healthy For Good movement aims to help people create sustainable, healthy habits. AHA used existing resources from their campaign to create a NFMM custom webpage  and extended outreach to consumers through social media and an e-newsletter.

Healthy for Good uses science-based information to encourage consumers to Eat Smart, Add Color, Move More, and Be Well. AHA highlighted two pillars, Eat Smart and Add Color, with its Family Meals promotion. Eat Smart helps consumers make healthy, delicious choices whenever they eat. For Add Color, AHA suggests that consumers add color to their diet by adding bright fruits and vegetables. These actions enhance the inherent health benefits of family meals.  

On its custom webpage, AHA integrated its already-made recipe box feature. This feature provided consumers an easy way to bookmark Healthy For Good recipes to use for family meals. Three hundred and nine consumers signed up to create their own recipe box to save healthy family meals. Additionally, the digital resource pointed consumers toward other helpful articles about meals, such as “How to make Breakfast a Healthy Habit”. Their family meals hub garnered 801 pageviews during the month of September.

To increase the awareness of family meals, American Heart Association promoted NFMM in their weekly Healthy for Good newsletter. This reached 111,486 consumers and had a six percent click through rate. AHA also had 12 family meals-centered posts through their various Facebook pages. These posts directed consumers to AHA’s National Family Meals Month resource hub. One social media post read, “Make memories at any meal. Start saving your favorite recipes to your recipe box! #familymealsmonth #healthyforgood” The social media campaign  reached  544,700 consumers, and earned 122 shares, 278 clicks, and 408 reactions from their followers.

Congratulations to American Heart Association on its Gold Plate Award winning National Family Meals Month campaign! Now is the perfect time to start planning for National Family Meals Month this September. There is no fee to participate. Go to for ideas on how you and your company can join the movement. Learn more about some of the award-winning programs on our Gold Plate Awards page.