Gold Plate Awards

The Food Marketing Institute Foundation created the Gold Plate Award in 2013 to highlight the outstanding programs implemented by the retail food industry to encourage family meals.  Examples include healthy family meals, quick and easy family meals and recipes, cooking with kids, themed dinners, breakfast with the family, MyPlate meals, and much more. The award recognizes outstanding programs that food retailers and suppliers have implemented, to encourage families to share more meals, together at home, more often. 

2018 Gold Plate Awards Winners

Retail Category: 1- 49 stores

Skogen’s Festival FoodsFestival Family Meals: Kid-Approved Foods

Festival Foods 2017 Family Meals

The goal of Festival Foods’ 2018 campaign was kid engagement, centered on a YouTube “mini” series that featured real kids or “mini guests” enjoying food, family meals, and fun! This approach was based on research showing that more than 80 percent of kids ages 12–17 use YouTube, with two-thirds of kids on YouTube daily. The campaign utilized an omni-channel approach to promote the YouTube “mini” series and National Family Meals Month messaging with Facebook Live broadcasts, an Instagram campaign, blog posts, a Press Release, paid ads, email blasts, TV appearances with Festival Foods dietitians, radio ads, text campaigns, and in-store dietitian activations that included grocery store tours, “$10 Meal” challenges, and promotions on recipe ingredients. Festival Foods' campaign was strengthened through supplier partnerships with Campbell’s, Hormel, and General Mills in the production of the YouTube “mini” series, and with Y100 WNCY in a joint-Facebook Live broadcast making a kid-friendly meal. The campaign reached over 2 million people.

Retail Category: 50 - 199 stores

GIANT Food Stores: Power of One More Family Meal

SpartanNash Family Meals 2017

Through a comprehensive, omni-channel approach that utilized traditional and social media, dietitian activations, community events and even billboards, Giant Martins reached over 65 million people. Traditional media included the launch of a TV ad focused entirely on family meals, billboards ads, and a news release. Social media drove reach with weekly posts and recipe inspiration to help Giant Martins’ customers feel more confident about making more family meals.  Money saving offers, tips, recipes and other resources were sent each week in in- home-mailers and circulars to encourage family meals. An article in local magazine Natural Awakenings spoke about the benefits of family meals to nourish minds, in addition to bodies. In stores, dietitians offered individual consultations, cooking classes, store tours and “wellness walks”, and over 1500 associates brought the campaign to life with in-store displays on “Quick ‘N Easy” and “Easy Does It” meal deals. Dietitians connected with the community on the topic of family meals through events at schools, senior centers, workplaces (Hershey Entertaining and the Department of Health), the YMCA, a Healthy Kids Running Series, and a community township day. The philanthropic leg of the campaign donated the equivalent of over 17 million meals to families in need!

Retail Category: 200+ stores

Hy-Vee, Inc.: Hy-Vee, Inc.'s National Family Meals Month Campaign

Kroger Family Meals 2017

Hy-Vee’s National Family Meals Month Campaign set out to bring families back to the dinner table by providing tips and tools to make mealtime more manageable. In partnership with Hormel, Hy-Vee helped donate over 370,000 homemade peanut-butter sandwiches to Harvesters – The Community Food Network. Sandwich packs contained recipe cards that also promoted the benefits of family meals. In partnership with The Soulfull Project, over 21,000 servings of multi-grain cereal were distributed to the Food Bank of Heartland through an event that was inspired by National Family Meals Month. In partnership with beef councils in their 8-state region, Hy-Vee dietitians distributed more than $10,000 in Mealtime Kit vouchers at college and professional football tailgates while promoting National Family Meals Month. Now a tradition in Hy-Vee’s National Family Meals Month campaign, actor Mark Wahlberg once again helped bring the Family Meals Month message home with a promotion on social media. Finally, all 8 states where Hy-Vee has stores made National Family Meals Month proclamations.

Across all 246 Hy-Vee stores, over 80,000 associates including RDs brought the campaign to life. All 160 in-store dietitians led Kids in the Kitchen family cooking classes, and provided nutrition consultations, store-tours, and courses on kids nutrition and lifestyle management. Different “Family Meal Deals” were highlighted weekly promoting meal kits for families in need of grab-and-go options, and kids ate free all month at the Hy-Vee Market Grille & Express (a total of 30,472 free meals for kids)! At point-of-sale, associates spread messages from FMI on the benefits of family meals, such as “Families who eat together have kids who do better in school.” Advertisements were included in Hy-Vee’s weekly print, Balance magazine, and a Family Cooking Guide that focused solely on Family Meals Month.  A press release was published in over 1,000 media outlets featuring a quote from Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee’s chairman, CEO, and president, on the importance of family meals. Three campaign-themed emails were sent to customers throughout the month, and social media channels were used daily to share dinnertime recipes that took 30 minutes or less with only a few simple ingredients. On TV, Hy-Vee dietitians participated in media segments in 8 different cities to promote the Family Meals Month campaign.  Hy-Vee’s campaign reached over 2 million people.

Retail Category: 200+ stores

Wakefern Food Corp: Family Meals Month at ShopRite

AWG 2017 Family Meals

To build awareness for September’s campaign Wakefern launched a “Healthy Family Meals” contest in April, promoted on social media and in a news release, inviting customers to share their favorite family meal recipes. 11 winners were chosen to then participate in September’s campaign promotions, and the top winner was awarded $2500 and a spot in ShopRite’s family meals-themed cookbook produced specially for the campaign by ShopRite dietitians. In-store activations included thorough signage (floor clings, aisle blades, shelf wobblers), promotional messages on in-aisle video screens, professionally recorded overhead announcements, themed meal promotions like “Better for You Tacos”, a limited-edition “Family Meals Month Meal Kit”, and a variety of dietitian-led activities. The campaign reach was amplified by advertisements in circulars, broadcast commercials, boosted social media posts, syndicated editorial content distributed to local newspapers, National Family Meals Month messaging featured across all social media platforms including live events using the #FamilyMealsMonth hashtag, a special National Family Meals Month landing page on ShopRite’s website, and weekly recipe emails. In the community, 500 free National Family Meals Month-themed meals were distributed to Partners in Caring Hunger Initiative, dietitians lead themed cooking classes, and family meal-themed presentations were given to a senior center and a Health Fair at a local church. Two events spoke to family meals in non-traditional settings: 1) college students encouraging ”family” meals while away at school; and 2) community members at a soup kitchen about the benefits of eating together. Internally, all retail associates wore National Family Meals Month-themed buttons, handed out cookbooks, and took part in RD-led food demos, and corporate employees engaged in a “Meal Makeover” contest. The campaign reach in-store alone was over 24 million customers, with 135,000 cookbooks distributed and over 2 million engagements on social media.

Category: Supplier

Kellogg Company: Family Meals for Healthier, More Successful, Safer Kids!

Campbell 2017 Family Meals

Kellogg’s “Family Meals for Healthier, More Successful, Safer Kids!” campaign implemented a unique and collaborative approach that combined the complimentary missions of Kellogg’s, WIC, and National Family Meals Month. Kellogg’s chose to focus on WIC during National Family Meals Month to help WIC educators address a lull in use of WIC foods by participants. Through partnerships with a variety of WIC stakeholders, Kellogg’s spread messages about the benefits of family meals, the state of family meals in the U.S., and ways to use WIC foods to make affordable, delicious meals that bond families. This included partnerships with other retailers (Vons, Stater Bros., and fellow National Family Meals Month participant SpartanNash) and more than 280 WIC clinics. The campaign took place in WIC clinics, in supermarkets, on WIC and Kellogg’s websites, and in corporate settings to educate WIC staff at multiple levels. Kellogg’s created a number of resources during the campaign to include a set of 15 recipes utilizing WIC foods (cereals, beans, canned fish, yogurt), food demonstrations for over 30 retail locations, a lesson plan on the benefits of family meals for WIC families presented to >700 WIC staff, and poster displays, meal planning sheets, and “cooking Hack” sheets for WIC clinics. The campaign reached over 13,000 WIC participants through skill-building lessons on the benefits of family meals, and 700 Michigan WIC staff during Education Kellogg’s lesson on National Family Meals Month.

Category: Community Collaborator

AHA 2017 Family Meals

Produce for Better Health Foundation’s “Fruits and Veggies- More Matters Month: A Focus on Family Meals” campaign promoted their mission of “Fruits and Veggies – More Matters” as well as the benefits of family meals.  Through a press release placed in a number of notable media outlets PBH reached a potential 6 million people, with an additional 16,000 reached via social media pushes of the news release. PBH utilized their social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and their website to highlight the benefits of fruits and vegetables and family meals and incorporated the National Family Meals Month™ branded logo into their campaign.

2018 Gold Plate Honorable Mentions


Gold Plate Awards Criteria

The Goal Plate Awards recognize retailer and supplier programs that creatively participated in National Family Meals MonthTM in September.

The FMI Foundation will be gathering information about National Family Meals Month participation by food retailers and suppliers throughout the food industry during the month of September. The Gold Plate Award winners will be decided based on each company’s participation. 

The following criteria will be used in the selection of Gold Plate Award winning programs:

  • Reach of program – breadth, depth and number of people that the program reaches
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Promotion of National Family Meals Month
  • Corporate participation – level of company/store-wide involvement
  • Ability to scale and replicate the program

Winning companies will be selected in four categories:

  • Category A: Small retailers (Companies with 1-49 stores)
  • Category B: Medium retailers (Companies with 50-199 stores)
  • Category C: Large retailers (Companies with 200+ stores)
  • Category D: Suppliers
  • Category E: Community Collaborators (Formerly “Allies”)