"FMI Foundation delivers vital research, collaboration and education
to address food safety, health
and nutrition concerns."

Who We Are

Established in 1996, the Food Marketing Institute Foundation seeks to ensure continued quality and efficiency in the food retailing system and is operated for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. To help support the role of food retailing, the FMI Foundation focuses on research and education in the areas of food safety, nutrition and health.

While food safety and defense remain the primary focus of the FMI Foundation, its Board of Trustees recognized the need to expand its mission, while at the same time maintaining its role of supporting many of the industry’s most important food safety programs. Through an intensive and thorough analysis of the Foundation’s past and its future potential, the Board of Trustees adopted a new strategic plan. As part of the analysis, Trustees considered the role the Foundation should play in advancing overall needs of the industry, while maintaining the Foundation’s charitable and public service obligations essential to its non-profit status.

Now, moving forward with a new strategic direction, the Foundation is embarking on a program to enhance historically successful programs, while expanding its scope of support and operations in health and nutrition.