The FMI Foundation supports the following initiatives in our efforts to support research and education in the area of nutrition and health.

National Family Meals Month™

NFMM Logo ColorCreated in 2015 by the FMI Foundation on behalf of the nation’s food retailers, National Family Meals Month™ (NFMM) encourages families to enjoy one more meal at home each week. Family meals eaten at home strengthen the family’s social fabric and promote healthier eating. With the proven benefits of combating obesity and deterring unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, family meals contribute to a healthier community and nation. In addition, the FMI Foundation’s promotion of NFMM encourages food retailers, suppliers and community collaborators to provide solutions for more family meals at home.

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Unified Voice Protocol

A variety of factors—including shifting science and research, misleading public information campaigns, and evolving consumer preferences—are creating shocks in the food sector, leading to an increasingly fractured system that often lacks a uniform approach and message on big issues. The Unified Voice is FMI’s effort to establish a framework to proactively create an environment of trust in the food and consumer goods industries, so that consumers can purchase products they desire with full confidence in those who provide them.

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The FMI Foundation sponsors grants annually in the areas of food safety, nutrition, and health.  Examples of some of the recipients are the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s Consumer Food Safety Education Conference; International Food Protection Institute’s Applied Science, Law, and Policy Fellowship; Institute for Food Technologists’ Global Food Traceability Center; and the Center for Produce Safety.

Please note that the deadline for unsolicited grant applications for the following year is the first Friday in September.