2023 Award Winners

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Esther Akoto 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Esther Akoto

Iowa State University

Grace Akumu 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Grace Akumu

Texas Tech University 

Ebenezer Aning-Dei 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Ebenezer Aning-Dei

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Rabia Farheen Shamim Basha 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Rabia Farheen Shamim Basha

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Rebecca Galvez 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Rebecca Galvez

Texas A&M University

Emma Holliday 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Emma Holliday

University of Florida

Paxton Hutchings 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Paxton Hutchings

Oklahoma State University

Shivaprasad Doddabematti Prakash 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Shivaprasad Doddabematti Prakash

Kansas State University

Blanca Ruiz-Llacsahuanga 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Blanca Ruiz Llacsahuanga

University of Georgia

Mari Schroeder 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Mari Schroeder

University of Florida

Hannah Silensky 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Hannah Silensky

Oklahoma State University 

Amandeep Singh 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Amandeep Singh

Purdue University

Minh Cuong Thach 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Minh Cuong Thach

Niagara College

Brayan Montoya Torres 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Brayan Montoya Torres

Texas Tech University

Vanessa Whitmore 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Vanessa Whitmore

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Cyril Nsom Ayuk Etaka (2)

Cyril Nsom Ayuk Etaka

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Zonia Caro (2)

Zonia Elizabeth Caro Carvajal

Mississippi State University

Amalia Gonzalez Beary (2)

Amalia Gonzales Beary

Cornell University

Amrit Pal (2)

Amrit Pal

University of Georgia

Aishwarya Vengatesan 2

Aishwarya Vengatesan

Rutgers University

Marisa Bacon (2)

Marisa Bacon

Michigan State University 

Bhaswati Chowdhury (2)

Bhaswati Chowdhury

South Dakota State University

Kenisha Gordon (2)

Kenisha Odessa Gordon

Mississippi State University

Aryany Peña Gomez (2)

Aryany Pena Gomez

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Surabhi Wason (2)

Surabhi Wason

University of Arkansas

Julysa Abril Benitez (2)

Julysa Abril Benitez

Texas A&M University

Camryn Grace Cook (2)

Camryn Grace Cook

Virginia Tech 

Supriya Korade (2)

Supriya Korade

Illinois Institute of Technology

LaTaunya Tillman (2)

LaTaunya Tillman

University of Florida

Christina Wormald-Allingham (2)

Christina Wormald-Allingham

University of Massachusetts Amherst


Bhusal, Nikita

Nikita Bhusal

Lincoln University of Missouri

Devous, Darci

Darci DeVous

Oklahoma State University

Hays, Taylor

Tayler Hays

Texas Tech University

Headshot - Juan Moreira

Juan Moreira

Louisiana State University

Shimwa Mvuyekure, Aime Leandre

Aime Leandre Shimwa Mvuyekure

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bueno, Frederico

Frederico Bueno

Louisiana State University

Enright, Grace

Grace Enright

Cornell University 

Hernandez, Paloma

Paloma Hernandez

Texas A&M University 

Rockers, Lydia

Lydia Rockers

Oklahoma State University

Teng, Xin Mei

Xin Mei Teng

Oklahoma State University

Cancio, Leslie

Leslie Pearl Cancio

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Hartano, Christabel

Christabel Hartano

Purdue University

Hur, Minji

Minji Hur

University of Georgia

Schnell, Ashlyn

Ashlyn Schnell

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Zirui, Xiong

Zirui Ray Xiong

Cornell University




2020 Award Winners


Akariza, Anna

Anna Akariza

Michigan State University

Hashemi, Helen

Helen Hashemi

Texas A&M University

Kim, Minho

Minho Kim

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nguyen, Thao

Thao Nguyen

Niagara College

Wang, Patricia

Patricia Wang

Cornell  University

Arthur, Madalyn

Madalyn Arthur

Penn State University

Hashemi, Mehdi

Mehdi Hashemi

Texas A&M University

Le, Grace

Grace Le

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Shahi, Naresh

Naresh Shahi

Tuskegee University

Washington, Marcus

Marcus Washington

Oklahoma State University

Haque, Manirul

Manirul Haque

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Karuppuchamy, Veeramani

Veeramani Karuppuchamy

Ohio State University

Mendoza, Janny

Janny Mendoza

Louisiana State University

Teter, Bailey

Bailey Teter

Texas Tech University

Williams, Cori

Cori Williams

Georgia State University

2019 Award Winners


Left to right:

Karuna Kharel, Louisiana State University
Yadwinder Rana, Cornell University
Claire Marik, Virginia Tech
Xingchen Liu, University of Maryland
Xingyi Jiang, Florida State University
Daniel Vega, Kansas State University
Ikechukwu Oguadinma, The University of Georgia
Sara Munoz, Texas Tech University
Darvin Cuellar-Milian, Texas Tech University
Sicun Fan, North Carolina State University
Ayodeji Adeniyi, Texas Tech University
Charley Rayfield, Oklahoma State University 
James Hearn, Oklahoma State University

Not Pictured:
Amanda Chin, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mariia Melnychuk, Niagara College

2018 Award Winners

2018 Scholarship Winners

Left to right:

Pratiksha Timalsina, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Vijay Chhetri, Louisiana State University
Conner McDaniel, Oklahoma State University
Shiyu Cai, The Ohio State University
Loron Pinnock Brown, Texas Tech University
Abimbola Allison, Tennessee State University
Franklin Bonilla, Louisiana State University
Christina Hunter, Bay Path University
Katheryn Parraga, Louisiana State University
Ewa Pietrysiak, Washington State University
Michelle Duong, Cornell University
Erika Estrada, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Carmen Cano Roca, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Amadeus Ahnan, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Not Pictured: Gayathri Gunathilaka, Michigan State University

2017 Award Winners

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Top left to right:

Cameron Bardsley, Virginia Tech University
Kristie Grzywinski, Senior Technical Manager, SQFI (scholarship administrator)
Ilan Arvelo-Yagua, Texas Tech University
Emily Griep, Cornell University
Sarah Bock, The University of Georgia
Diego Casas, Texas Tech University
Cole Perkins, Texas Tech University

Bottom row left to right:

Robyn Miranda, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Sabra Billups, Oklahoma State University
Kristen Saniga, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Norka, Purdue University

2016 Award Winners

Scholarship Winners

Gabriela Arteaga Arredondo, Texas Tech University
Hannah Beuse,  Iowa State University
Jose Brandao Delgado, Louisiana State University
Madhumeeta Dutta, North Carolina State
Anna Sophia Harrand, Cornell University
Brenda Inestroza, Texas Tech University
Emily Mason, McGill University
Pedro Menchik, Cornell University
Katelyn A. Ortega,  Texas Tech University (2015 Scholarship Recipient)
Deepak Kumar Duraivelu Rajmohan, Oklahoma State University
Libia Ortiz Tellez, ITESM Monterrey Institute of Technology


2015 Award Winners


FMI Foundation 2015 Scholarship Winners

John Fox, Iowa State University
Jabari Hawkins, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Raghavendra Kakarala, Oklahoma State
Lisa Lafountain, North Carolina State University
Robson Machado, Pennsylvania State University
Katelyn Ortega, Texas Tech University
Abigail Snyder, Cornell University
Weber Stibolt, University of Delaware
Amanda Wilder, Kansas State University
Praveen Yerramsetti, Oklahoma State

2014 Award Winners


Winners Pictures

Rebecca Rathjen, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, M.S. Food Science and Technology 
Zongyu Zhang, Iowa State University, Ph.D. Food Science and Technology
Avery Becker, Cornell University, B.S. Food Science
Sarah Beno, Cornell University, Ph.D. Food Science
Antoinette BoYee de Senna, California Polytechnic State University, M.S. Agriculture
Yinzhi Qu, University of Maryland, College Park, B.S. Food Science
Byron Chaves, Texas Tech University, Ph.D. Animal Science (Food Safety)
Khadija Nafi, California Polytechnic State University, B.S. Food Science
Patrick Spanninger, University of Delaware, Ph.D. Animal and Food Science
Elizabeth Stone, Kansas State University, B.S. Food Science

2013 Award Winners


Susan R. Hammons, Purdue University, Department of Food Science: The FMI Foundation recognized Ms. Hammons’ for her ongoing, graduate-level work to address the challenges of Listeria monocytogenes in retail delis. Hammons expressed a passion for creating food safety training programs for retail personnel and auditors.

Kizmik B. McPherson, University of Georgia, Department of Food Science: Ms. McPherson plans to continue a graduate-level degree in food safety and microbiology in order to support her interest in food safety regulation.

Liziane S. da Rocha, Wayne State University, Detroit, Department of Nutrition and Food Science: Ms. da Rocha expressed her desire to become a food safety auditor and improve systems that ultimately benefit the consumer.