Approved October 20, 2021
Download Policy Statement on FMI Endorsement of Responsible Use of Gene Editing framework

Gene editing is a recent development in biotech breeding that has the potential to address many issues within the food industry, including some animal welfare concerns, enhancing food product nutrition profiles, and making farming more sustainable. However, the possibility for realizing the potential benefits of this innovation rests both on whether the technology is supported by the food system and whether it is accepted by the consumer. To gain consumer acceptance of gene edited food products, grocery shoppers must be confident these items are safe to consume and trust that those who are engaging this technology are doing so prudently, thoughtfully, and carefully.

The Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture is a diverse task force comprised of representatives from across the food system and sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity. This group has labored for more than two years to produce a non-regulatory framework designed to help build consumer trust in gene-edited food products. The document A Framework for Responsible Use of Gene Editing in Agriculture has been scrutinized and reviewed by representative voices within the food industry at every stage of its development. On two occasions, the opinions and feedback of FMI members have been explicitly solicited, gathered, and shared with the authoring coalition. Additionally, members of FMI’s government relations, food safety, fresh, industry relations, sustainability, communications, and private brands committees were invited to an exclusive FMI member briefing and discussion regarding the proposed framework.

FMI endorses the Responsible Use of Gene Editing framework developed by the Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculture.