By: Lucinda Pierce, Specialist, Research & Insights, FMI

Grocery Shopper Snapshot

As a member of Gen Z, cell phones have always been a part of my life and I admit that most nights my phone is tucked into bed with me. However unhealthy that may be, it provides infinite information for convenience, connections and inspiration in my daily life. A computer, book, camera and more, all in a device that fits in your pocket. With so many realms of potential at my fingertips, is it any wonder that technology can improve grocery shopping?

FMI's Grocery Shopper Snapshot: January 2024 explores the growing role of technology in food retail.

  • Almost two-thirds of shoppers use smartphones to look for deals (64%) and coupons (63%).
  • While shopping, 61% make use of smartphones to communicate with household members on items.
  • Just under half of shoppers (47%) use in-store item locators at least occasionally.
  • 31% of shoppers use mobile technology to compare prices across stores and learn more about products.
  • 34% of shoppers take advantage of their grocery store's app.
The New Frontier: AI Technology

Though familiarity with AI-enabled tools is still in its early stages, there is a market of interest in its potential for grocery shopping.

  • 68% of all shoppers say tech-enabled customer personalization is a good thing.
  • While only 8% of shoppers are regular users of AI tools, 35% have tried them.
  • Of those who have used AI tools, shoppers use it most commonly for planning (35% use AI for meal planning, 33% for recipes, 39% for dining out ideas).
  • If they had one, shoppers would use a digital shopping assistant to help with deal seeking — with 42% of shoppers saying they'd like it to help find coupons of their favorite products and 39% wanted to receive alerts for price drops.

As someone who gets more steps in my primary grocery store than at the gym, finding new ways to digitally engage with my favorite grocery stores has exciting potential for 2024. Each year technology makes the impossible possible and expands what it means to have a personalized retail experience. With high optimism for the coming year, and even higher interest in AI, consumers are ready for a new year of new experiences.

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