By: Mark Baum, Chief Collaboration Officer and Senior Vice President, Industry Relations, FMI

Boardroom Vol 9

The food industry is a complex landscape, rife with challenges and opportunities that demand collective innovation and collaboration. In 2013, FMI and Oliver Wyman joined forces to create Boardroom, a forward-thinking annual journal designed for C-suite executives tackling the most compelling issues confronting the food industry. As Boardroom Volume 9 debuts at FMI's Midwinter Executive Conference, it stands out as a progressive publication, the digital edition leveraging cutting-edge AI tools to provide insightful resources for food industry executives.

Collaborative Vision

Boardroom's inception was fueled by the vision of thinking bigger and bolder together. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of the industry, FMI and Oliver Wyman emphasize collaboration across retailers, product suppliers, and as appropriate, industry service providers. The goal is to accelerate readiness and enhance capabilities, ultimately driving operational excellence in various strategic and operational aspects of the food business.

FMI's Six Imperative Issues

One notable aspect of Boardroom's exploration is the alignment among retailers, wholesalers and suppliers on the significance and hierarchy of industry issues. The publication unveils a hierarchy of immediate needs, imperative issues and underlying enablers, providing a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by FMI members.

Central to Boardroom's approach are six critical issue areas identified in the FMI Imperative Issues Framework. Each article in Boardroom is curated and written to address these imperative issues including:

  • Supply chain disruption.
  • Labor shortages and workforce challenges.
  • Accelerating technology transformation.
  • Changing marketplace and societal dynamics.
  • Evolving consumer behaviors.
  • Rising ESG expectations.

The strategies and recommendations outlined in the publication prove prescient in helping senior executives navigate unexpected headwinds, underscoring the importance of building a robust foundation capable of withstanding marketplace volatility, and capitalizing on shifting industry dynamics.

Valued Guidance

Boardroom Volume 9 serves as a discussion starter, examining the imperative issues from multiple angles, addressing the pace of disruption, and blueprint for the industry's future, The insights and recommendations shared in the publication reflect the industry's ever-evolving nature, offering invaluable guidance to those tasked with leading their companies through this period of unprecedented and accelerating change.

Boardroom Volume 9 offers you the option to customize your experience by listening to the articles, reading the AI article summaries, downloading the complete PDF, or selecting article PDFs.

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