By: Allison Febrey, Manager, Research & Insights, FMI

Precut fruit

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one must face their previous decisions and that day for me is moving day. The sum of my previous purchases literally weighs on me as I carry boxes up and down staircases. It’s a stressful and busy time, especially when pots and pans are boxed up, preventing cooking. While it would be easy to eat an unbalanced diet during this time, I’ve been looking to my grocery store to help me get my veggies and fruit in a quick and easy way.

Simple Produce Shopping

Having an easy-to-shop produce department has been the most helpful time-saver and I’m not alone in this thinking. According to the Power of Produce 2023, 48% of consumers say the best way their produce department can help them save time is by having an easy-to-shop department.

The Value of Value-Added Produce

The other thing I’ve looked for is value-added produce, such as pre-cut or washed fruits and vegetables. Being able to quickly roast pre-cut veggies has been the hero of many recent meals for me. I am not alone in buying more value-added vegetables with 40% of consumers buying more value-added vegetables than last year, and 28% of consumers expect to buy more value-added produce in 2023.

The Produce Shopper’s Mindset

Even though I am prioritizing convenience during this hectic time, I still factor other elements into my produce choices. Of course, price remains important to me (and especially to my frugal husband). For 57% of shoppers, better prices would encourage more value-added produce purchases.

I also look at appearance and ripeness. I always look for unbruised apples and avocados that I can use throughout the week. Overall, for shoppers, price, appearance, and ripeness are the top three drivers in fresh produce purchases.

My life won’t be surrounded by cardboard boxes forever and I fully plan to return to chopping vegetables and fruits in my new fancy kitchen, but for now, I’m happy for the helpful produce department and my primary store to tide me over. Food retailers that can deliver convenience in the produce department are certain to gain my, and other shoppers’, loyalty.

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