By: Margaret Core, Vice President, Marketing and Industry Relations, FMI and Andrew Brown, Manager, Sales and Marketing, FMI

It’s one of the most significant security threats in America—and your business could be next. Are you prepared to face an incident of workplace violence, or WPV? How can you and your employees increase readiness for an active shooter event? What steps can be taken, or training put in place to prevent one? 

Beginning this week, The Power of Preparedness (TPOP) and FMI are launching a webinar series detailing the absolute essentials for workplace violence prevention and preparedness. This vital, five-part presentation led by Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer William Flynn is based on TPOP’s comprehensive training for the food retailing industry, and will dive deeper into critical subjects, including:

  • Seminar #1: Understanding Threats and Mitigating Risk – The latest on threats currently facing the food retail industry, and the best practices you can apply to protect people and assets. Register here

  • Seminar #2: The Importance of Situational Awareness – An overview of “the pathway to violence,” identifying behavioral indicators, and opportunities for intervention and prevention. Plus, recognizing gunfire, understanding your surroundings, and how to respond to an emergency. Register here

  • Seminar #3: Mitigating WPV Through De-Escalation – Concepts, techniques, and examples of what to do and what not to do to defuse interpersonal conflict calmly and rationally before it turns violent. Register here

  • Seminar #4: Active Shooter Preparedness – An in-depth analysis of Run-Hide-Fight principles and protocols, and how to build muscle memory to act decisively in the face of an active shooter incident. Register here

  • Seminar #5: Being Prepared for Post-Incident Response – A discussion on the aftermath of a WPV event, and decisions your organization can make now to address planning before a crisis occurs. Register here

Throughout the series, Mr. Flynn will be joined by FMI staff and industry experts to offer further insight into these important topics. Plus, FMI members will be stopping by to talk about how TPOP training has become a critical part of creating a safe and secure environment for employees and customers alike. 

Please use the links above to sign up for this special webinar event and discover how TPOP and FMI can help your organization prevent and prepare for workplace violence.  

For more information about The Power of Preparedness online training for verbal de-escalation and active shooter preparedness, and the FMI member discount, visit The Power of Preparedness website.

To download the FMI-TPOP Active Assailant Preparedness and Response Guide for the Food Retail Industry, click the button below.