By Steve Markenson, Director, Research & Insights and Farleigh Lichstein, Director, Education, FMI

MEATAmongst the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain challenges and price increases, myriad factors are impacting the ever-changing landscape shaped by consumer shopping trends. How are these factors impacting the meat department? The Power of Meat 2022, which is being released via a live presentation on March 8 will focus on the impact of these changing factors, attitudes, and behaviors in the context of the challenges faced by the meat retail industry.

The 17th annual Power of Meat 2022 study was conducted by 210 Analytics on behalf of FMI—The Food Industry Association and the Meat Institute’s Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education. The Power of Meat live presentation and report will provide a wide range of valuable insights. Some of the issues explored include:

  • What has the impact of higher prices and the COVID-19 pandemic been on meat sales and consumption?
  • How have supply chain challenges impacted meat shopping behaviors?
  • How has the consumers’ focus on health and well-being impacted the share of meat eaters and the move to other ways of eating?
  • Where are shoppers making their meat purchases, including in a look at online shopping for meat?
  • What is the impact of better-for-the-animal, planet, and worker on meat shopper behavior?
  • How interested are shoppers in cultivated and plant-based meat alternatives?

The Power of Meat provides a fantastic opportunity to gain actionable insights on the latest meat industry trends. Join us March 8 from 1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern time for the launch of the report. Register today! The Power of Meat 2022 report will be released immediately following the webinar and can be downloaded at