FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin discusses the contributions and investments our industry has made to support its workers, contribute to the economy and meet the needs of Americans throughout the pandemic. At a time when many businesses were forced to close their doors or lay off workers, grocery stores stayed open, and provided not only food, but good, quality jobs. In fact, during the pandemic, food retailers increased their total number of employees by roughly 500,000 individuals – and companies are continuing to hire. Food retail companies are not just looking to hire stock clerks and cashiers; they need highly skilled, highly qualified individuals to fill myriad roles that might not immediately be associated with your local grocer. To attract both full- and part-time employees, retailers have offered a combination of higher, competitive wages, bonuses, improved benefits, flextime, and training and skills development opportunities.

QUESTION: What’s one thing a career in the food industry can offer someone?

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