By: Tori Anderson Agee, Manager, Political Affairs, FMI  

BowtiepastaLet’s test your food and industry knowledge: 

1. What type of pasta is commonly known as bow-tie pasta or butterfly pasta?

2. Which fictional character is credited with increasing spinach consumption in the U.S. by a third?

3. What is the best-selling flavor of ice cream in the U.S.? 

Did you answer 1) Farfalle, 2) Popeye, 3) Vanilla? If yes, then you could probably compete against our inaugural LEAD Trivia Tournament champions, who were crowned at our FMI Executive Midwinter Conference. The contest consisted of three rounds of trivia –music, pictures, and general knowledge. 

What is LEAD? 

You may be asking what is LEAD? FMI LEAD: Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Development Fund provides a critical component to FMI’s government relations activity.  LEAD resources allow FMI to accomplish goals in the public policy arena collectively that would likely not be possible through the work of a single entity. FMI LEAD does not support candidates running for office and is permitted to accept corporate or personal contributions of any amount.   

LEAD resources are used to develop, lead and join coalitions to achieve public policy goals; initiate legal actions or develop compliance resources unanticipated in our budget cycle; develop materials, advertising or websites to advance or defeat an issue; and develop and fund research that can be used in issue advocacy.   

With the help of LEAD, FMI has been able to join several coalitions such as American Benefits Council, National WIC Association, and the Coalition for Workplace Safety. We’ve also been able to run legislative ads on Capitol Hill, provide analysis from industry experts, and put together video updates on issues and fly-ins.   

On behalf of LEAD, I’d like to extend a special thank you to our “genius” level sponsors – Giant Eagle, Bimbo Bakeries USA, and Coborn’s, Inc. And a thank you to our partners Anheuser- Busch Companies and Hallmark Cards, Inc. for supplying great prizes. LEAD is a vital component in the effort to ensuring the food industry’s voice in Washington is heard. 

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