By: Allison Febrey, Specialist, Health and Well-being/FMI Foundation/ Food & Product Safety, FMI

The food industry is rallying around National Family Meals Month™. Here are some of the MANY activities we’ve seen encouraging families to make the most of their time around the table.

National Pork Board and USA Pulses

National Pork Board and USA Pulses have teamed up to help consumers power up theirPork Pulse meals with Pork and Pulses. They have been supporting family meals across the nation using many approaches, including developing educational materials, appearing on multiple news segments (on 9/16, 9/14 and 9/10), and partnering with food retailers.


FamilyFareFamilyFare is supporting their shoppers by sharing recipes and family meal inspiration through news segments. In addition, they host a YouTube cooking series “Dietitian Corner with Deanna,” so consumers can cook nutritious family meals alongside Deanna.


IGA is rallying around family meals monthIGA by helping their retailers support their consumers. They have created a Family Meals Made Easy Kit for their retailers to promote family meals in store. They also have a guide to creating effective product displays that detail all the necessary ingredients to make a wholesome family meal.

Consumer Bloggers

Outside the food industry, consumer bloggers are picking up the family meals torch and giving their readers tips to Stay Strong with Family Meals.

Here are a few of the bloggers championing family meals:

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