By Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO, FMI
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Think of yourself as a brand for a moment – one with unique qualities and attributes that only you possess and that come together to create your own unique style. And there have likely been junctures in your life when you chose to reposition your brand. Perhaps it was during that transition from middle school to high school when you changed the way you signed your name or cut your hair, or perhaps you moved from being called Bobby to Bob.

Or think about the shift to college and how the change in locale and in some cases maturity and living circumstance invited you to reposition your brand and redefine yourself, allowing you to be open to new friends and go in new directions academically, socially, emotionally and psychologically.

Life is full of circumstances and situations that prompt us to evaluate our personal brand and make necessary changes, adapting to a new position or setting by shifting our brand. Sometimes these involve small adjustments and sometimes we must undergo a significant overhaul, a complete revamp.

The environment around us at FMI – and in this reference I mean the businesses of the members we serve, the landscape of the association community in which we function, and the role we play in supporting every link in the supply chain from the grower, the manufacturer, the supplier, the retailer to the consumer – are ALL undergoing significant changes. Food – the way we grow it, move it, package it, sell it and consume it – is changing.

All these changes in circumstance and culture have combined to provide us at FMI with an opportunity to evaluate our role, scrutinize where we truly add value, and determine exactly who and what we want to be as we move forward in this brave new world.

With the resolve and perspective of the FMI Board of Directors and Executive Committee, we have refocused our lens and embraced the broader food community over the last several years. I’m confident in what we’ve become as an organization; our goal is to work toward the overall progress of the food industry, through advocacy, collaboration and education. And what we do matters, as we support and help foster our members’ ability to feed and nourish consumers.

Today, we reveal a new FMI, one that outwardly embraces the new marketplace and a divergent, captivating new consumer. As The Food Industry Association, we will continue to propel the retail food industry forward by advocating for and supporting a safer, healthier, and more efficient consumer food supply. We bring together participants and work on their behalf to raise awareness, problem-solve around critical issues, and serve as a source of expertise that advances interests and moves the industry forward.

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